Wednesday letters: Treasurer endorsement, enforce trash laws, Boebert’s lack of preparation |

Wednesday letters: Treasurer endorsement, enforce trash laws, Boebert’s lack of preparation

Past treasurers endorse Diaz

As we head into this election season, we know you will need to make some decisions about who gets your vote. We are endorsing Aron Diaz for Garfield County Treasurer.

His knowledge and experience in local, state and federal government processes, along with his contacts on both sides of the political aisle, make him uniquely qualified to fulfill the duties of the County Treasurer’s Office.

We believe Aron will work to serve all the people of Garfield County free from partisan influences in the Treasurer’s Office. This is sorely needed in our current political climate. You don’t always see a Republican and a Democrat supporting a single candidate for office, but Aron is that candidate.

After visiting at length with him, we believe his priority is carrying out the duties of the county Treasurer’s Office in a way that serves the taxpayer best and by using taxpayer dollars as wisely as possible. We need a treasurer who will take the duties of the office seriously with professionalism and competency, and Aron is that choice.

Together, we have been elected and re-elected by the people of Garfield County nine times and served in the Treasurer’s Office for over 30 years. This is a trust we do not take lightly. Your faith in our opinion is something we have been honored to hold, and, in that spirit, we ask that you vote for Aron Diaz for Garfield County Treasurer. 

Karla Bagley, former Garfield County Treasurer (January 2015 – March, 2020)

Georgia Chamberlain, former Garfield County Treasurer (January 1987 – December 2014)

Enforce trash laws

Last Wednesday, the Post Independent ran an article about the bear on Cowdin Drive. We have a law in place in the city that people who cannot secure their trash will be issued tickets. 

Where I’m going with this is the simple fact that the address of 709 Cowdin Dr., which is an apartment building owned by an out-of-state owner and managed locally has been in violation many times of this law. 

They, and they alone, are responsible for the death of this animal because it will certainly happen. I believe this bear that is in our neighborhood has probably been in trouble before getting into human-caused carelessness. 

The garbage is still out there on the street. Several animals have been by, spreading it out — sometimes across the street and sometimes into my yard. 

I don’t appreciate this, and I won’t be very happy if the bear gets put down. Can we please get this taken care of, and enforce our bear laws with the trash? Help save an animal that doesn’t deserve to die because of human carelessness.

Laurie Chase, Glenwood Springs

Learn the 5 P’s, Rep. Boebert

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. It’s obvious from Lauren’s recent appearances that she’s never learned them. This isn’t new and shouldn’t be a surprise to her constituents, but it should signal to us that it’s time to send her home. She’s had two years to learn how to prepare for public speaking in her role as our representative, yet she hasn’t put in the effort to do so. 

If her appearance at the Truth & Liberty Coalition’s conference where she didn’t know what “wanton killing” is — or even how to pronounce it correctly — doesn’t prove how poorly she prepares, what will? Hadn’t she read that passage from Romans 1:28-32 before? Let’s say she hadn’t. Well, who wrote that speech for her? Why didn’t she practice it first, or ask the author what “wanton killing” means before she embarrassed herself?

By the way, it means merciless; “wonton” is a Chinese dumpling.

Lauren didn’t prepare well for the debate with Adam Frisch, either. Instead, she acted like the show pony she is by taking on the debate moderator first! Instead of debating issues that are important to us, she relied on vilifying Nancy Pelosi (That means making slanderous and abusive statements, Lauren). I believe it’s further proof of her lack of preparation and lack of interest in serving her constituents. It’s all about what’s in the best interest for her TV career.

I’m tired of her grandstanding and reality-TV, attention-getting stunts or, as Adam Frisch coined it, “anger-tainment.” That word isn’t in the dictionary yet, but, once it is, I’m sure there will be a picture of Lauren alongside it. That, or a video link to her “wonton killing” speech.

Clare Hydock, Delta

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