Wednesday letters: Trump and the military, Cory Gardner, COVID-19, Mitsch Bush, Bob Rankin, Lauren Boebert, Perry Will, setbacks, voter fraud, funding schools, climate change, and Prop 115 |

Wednesday letters: Trump and the military, Cory Gardner, COVID-19, Mitsch Bush, Bob Rankin, Lauren Boebert, Perry Will, setbacks, voter fraud, funding schools, climate change, and Prop 115

We need a president who respects and protects our military

In 1968, when over half a million Americans were serving their country in Vietnam, Donald Trump dodged the draft by getting a medical deferment for a bone spur in his heel. When asked by a reporter which heel it was, Trump couldn’t remember.

In 2015, Trump mocked John McCain, who had been a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, by saying, “He’s not a war hero. I like people who weren’t captured.”

In 2018, Trump canceled his visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris because he didn’t want to get his hair wet. “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers,” he said about our fallen soldiers
On the same trip he called the more than 1,800 marines who lost their lives at Belleau Wood “suckers” for getting killed.

He called George H. W. Bush a “loser” for being shot down by the Japanese as a navy pilot in WWII.

I am shocked by the disrespect our president shows to the military.
But nothing surpasses the outrage I felt when I learned that Trump was informed that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan. What did he do about it? Worse than nothing. He rewarded Russia by pushing for them to be allowed to rejoin the G7 and sending a $5.7 million aid package to Vladimir Putin.

We need a president who respects and protects our military. Vote Trump out.

Philip Riffe

Get your mom to lie for you

We’ve come to expect our elected officials to lie to us, but Sen. Cory Gardner has gone beyond the pale in this year’s re-election bid. He puts his mother in front of a television camera to make claims he knows aren’t true.

Mom testifies she’s so grateful her Cory introduced a bill in August that’d prevent insurance companies from denying her health coverage because she has a pre-existing condition. In fact, the proposal does no such thing and Gardner has voted nine times to repeal with no replacement the Affordable Care Act which does provide those protections.

The legislation is only 117 words long. Most of my letters to the editor are longer than that. As such, there’s no help for low to moderate income customers who may have difficulties with the high premiums, no list of specific benefits, nor a ban on cost limits for the insurance companies, all included in the ACA.

Currently, the bill has no co-sponsor, but don’t be surprised if one comes out of the woodwork. Sen. Martha McSally of Arizona, for example, is in trouble running against Mark Kelly, just as Gardner is in Colorado with John Hickenlooper. Protections for pre-exisitng conditions are very popular with the voters.

Gardner berates his opponent for the ethics violations he was convicted of in June. What are the ethics of putting lies in your mother’s mouth and having her spew them out over the airwaves?

Fred Malo Jr.

Wear a mask! Wash your hands!

We should be afraid of COVID-19! It has killed over 210,000 of our fellow Americans since March of this year. As of now, only cancer and heart disease will kill more of us in the year 2020.

We should be glad that the U.S. president can get the best medical care. When you have a team of six to eight doctors and access to any drug you could possibly need, you should be able to recover more easily than many of your fellow citizens!

Let’s hope that more Americans will listen to experts and not succumb to this dreadful virus. Wear a mask! Wash your hands!

Nancy Hess
Glenwood Springs

Mitsch Bush listens to constituents’ concerns

I am writing to support Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress. Diane is just what we need in this time as a divided nation. In her role serving in the Colorado State House, Diane reached across party lines and worked tirelessly to advocate for and listen to her constituents’ concerns.

Diane supports allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, implementing paid sick leave, and will fight to protect coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Lauren Boebert supports policies that would keep health care and prescription drug prices high. She thinks the rules don’t apply to her — she defied health department orders put in place to keep people safe during the pandemic, and is against requiring vaccinations for deadly viruses like measles and meningitis, even during the largest public health crisis of our time.

Most importantly Diane clearly has the experience that her opponent does not. Diane shows the maturity and level headedness to govern in these highly charged and divisive times.

Sheri Gaynor, LCSW

Rankin a strong leader that represents Western Colorado

I see many mailers and ads that misrepresent some of the views of Sen. Bob Rankin. I follow the proceedings of our state’s elected officials closely and have never heard Sen. Rankin deny that our climate is changing, nor has he ever advocated for the transfer or sale of public lands. He is a champion for Western Colorado and knows its values and concerns. His record shows that he works across the aisle to manage difficult issues and bring them to conclusion. There is a preponderance of rhetoric flying around — this is the season for it — but I feel strongly about clarifying these misstatements about Bob. Amid the strong representation and favorable proximity of Boulder and Denver at the Capitol, we need to elect a strong leader that represents Western Colorado. That leader is Bob Rankin.

Gregg Rippy
Glenwood Springs

Would Boebert be an enabler?

Lauren Boebert says only Donald Trump supporters are “real Americans.” So more than half the U.S. population is not, including many who’d be Boebert’s constituents. We need someone more inclusive and respectful as our representative, meaning Diane Mitsch Bush from Steamboat Springs. She’s already shown she can work across the aisle in the state legislature to solve actual problems that can’t be solved by packing heat.

Boebert wants to represent us (or at least some of us) in Congress. She says she is pro-freedom, pro-guns, pro-Trump, pro-Constitution, pro-energy, pro-life, pro-Colorado, and pro-America.

What do any of those mean? Freedom to do anything anyone wants? Lots of guns for everyone as a way to solve disputes? Pro-energy with a drilling rig or compressor station in your backyard, destroying your ability to enjoy living on your land? Pro-life, meaning freedom doesn’t include a woman’s right to control her own reproductive functions? Pro-Colorado. Isn’t that why we all live here? And pro-America, yes, but the current regime terrifies many of us. Pro-Constitution and pro-Trump? A contradiction in terms. Trump and his enablers are shredding the Constitution. Would she be another enabler?

Heidi McCullough
Glenwood Springs

Support for Perry Will

The 57th House District was blessed when Perry Will was appointed to represent us in February of 2019. Leaving the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife where he had served for 43 years with experience both in knowing the District’s geography and its citizens was a natural fit. By his own admission he said it would be a steep learning curve at the Legislature, but Perry has been a fast learner from my experience and contact with him. When I have occasion to reach out to him, he is attentive, patient and open to issues that confront us in western Colorado. I am a native Coloradan and so is he. We have seen our state grow and change and Perry has been working on what is best for us in the 57th. Nancy and I are proud to support Perry Will for reelection to the 57th and hope you will support him, as well.

Jeff and Nancy Carlson

2,000 foot setback is a good start

Why is it necessary to frack and drill next to homes and schools, and in pristine areas where streams and wildlife are at risk? Because the roads are already there and it costs less to do it there in many cases. The health and safety of people is secondary for this industry. A 2,000 foot setback is a good start, but not as good as if there were no waivers or variances allowed. But it is a good start, people are starting to understand how important this setback is. Let’s stop fouling our air and water in this beautiful state, and this beautiful planet.

Sharyn Tipton
Battlement Mesa

Voter fraud and lightning

Across our nation, we are reminded by Democrats and progressives that President Donald Trump has zero proof of any widespread voter fraud; it doesn’t exist. We’ve even been told that individuals will be struck by lightning more often than a voter might commit voter fraud in a presidential election. Could that be true? In an average year, 700 people will feel a tingling sensation or more from being struck by lightning; it’s fortunate that only about 25 will die.

Our nations turmoil will be unprecedented if this election mirrors the fraud found in New York City’s Democratic primary election of June 23. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an order making it easy to vote by mail. The state provided pre-paid envelopes with ballots for voters. The votes received were 403,103. The mail in ballots rejected, were 84,108, 26.4% of the final valid vote of 318,995. The correct vote count, for this small-scale election, was not confirmed until 42 days after the close of voting.

The projected number of voters for our nations Nov. 3 election is 156,000,000. Yes, the chance our national election results may come close to New York’s approaches zero, however, using New York’s staggering numbers, 40 million of our nation’s ballots could be rejected.

Former President Jimmy Carter co-chaired the 2005 commission on Federal Election Reform, and found that the largest source of voter fraud was mail-in ballots. Today, Carter has great confidence in the integrity of mail-in ballots and believes voter fraud is baseless. Which Jimmy Carter will be right?

Floyd Diemoz
Glenwood Springs

Mitsch Bush is an experienced legislator

Congressional candidate Lauren Boebert has refused to appear in a debate with Diane Mitsch Bush unless she is provided with questions ahead of time. Do we want a Congresswoman who cannot think on her feet or has no knowledge of the issues?

Diane Mitsch Bush has served three times as State Representative and twice as Routt County Commissioner. She is an experienced legislator, well educated on issues that affect rural Colorado.

If you want thoughtful, balanced and reasonable representation from your Congresswoman, join me and vote for Diane!

Marv Ballantyne

All Colorado children deserve schools that are funded

In the ten years that I have lived in this valley, I have twice made signs of gratitude for firefighters as they protect the community I love. Weekly, I walk the three blocks to the library, to grab my next read from the hold shelf. And, as a fifth grade teacher, I get to watch every day as students learn about the ecosystem of South Canyon, long division with decimals, and what to do when you disagree with a friend.

Libraries, fire departments, police, and schools: these are just some of the public services that are in grave danger if we do not vote “yes” on Amendment B to repeal the Gallagher Amendment. I teach my students that we can revise our work until it is our best work, and I believe the same is true of our tax code.

The Gallagher Amendment on its own is not the issue; it is the interaction that Gallagher and TABOR have with each other that causes the issue. This interaction has driven our residential property tax assessment rate way down. “Yes” on Amendment B wouldn’t raise the tax rate. Instead, it just keeps it from continuing to plummet.

I don’t know as much about the finances of the library districts, fire districts, or our cities and towns, but I do know that Roaring Fork teachers already took a pay freeze this year. We cannot take a budget cut like the one that will happen if we do not vote “yes” on Amendment B.

All Colorado children deserve schools that are funded, and we can be better teachers if we aren’t constantly advocating for mill levies. Repeal Gallagher by voting “yes” on B, and vote yes for your schools, your libraries, your police departments and fire departments.

Kendall Reiley

Mitsch Bush pursued bipartisan solutions to nonpartisan problems

We are writing to strongly urge the voters in Congressional District 3 to please vote for Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress. As a state lawmaker, Diane Mitsch Bush pursued bipartisan solutions to nonpartisan problems.

Diane is by far the most qualified person in the race; she is a person who will understand her oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Diane will not follow conspiracy theories; she has no time for that. While in the Colorado legislature, Diane was known as one of its hardest workers and as having a deep knowledge of the issues.

Diane is focused and tenacious and will fight for our access to affordable health care. In Congress, Diane has pledged to fight to (1. Reduce the cost of premiums and prescription drugs, (2. Reduce deductibles, (3. Allow Medicare to negotiate for drug prices, (4. Protect coverage for pre-existing conditions, (5. Increase funding of rural health clinics, and (6. Expand substance/opioid abuse prevention and treatment programs.

Diane was endorsed by The Pueblo Chieftain and The Denver Post where they said, “Diane Mitsch Bush has a good vision for Western Colorado — one that is centered on protecting and expanding public lands to promote an outdoor recreation-centered economy.”

Serving in Congress is not a job for people who do not know what they are doing, or worse, for someone who has intentionally disregarded law and order.

For the reasons above, we ask that you please join us in voting for Diane Mitsch Bush for Congress in the 3rd Congressional District of Colorado.

Blanca and Cavanaugh O’Leary

Boebert threatens 0ur Western Slope way of life

I was stunned and dismayed to read that congressional candidate Lauren Boebert opposes long-sought protections for our hunting, grazing and recreational areas on the Western Slope. In fact, Boebert recently called the CORE Act a, “ land grab by Denver’s Liberals.”

Does Boebert even know what she is talking about? Does she understand that the CORE Act was written by local stakeholders and enjoys broad bipartisan support throughout the 3rd Congressional District? I’m guessing the answer to both of those questions is no.

I am a hunter and outdoor recreationist who cherishes the outdoors that makes our state and region so special. And I am proud to live on the Western Slope, in the Roaring Fork Valley, where local communities have worked together for more than a decade to form a diverse coalition of ranchers, hunters, mountain bikers and other concerned local citizens to protect the Thompson Divide — a crucial nearby public lands watershed and recreation area that would be protected by the CORE Act.

One of the coalition members was a hunting guide and war veteran who said he, “never voted for Democrats.” A few years back, he wrote an op-ed that slammed Scott Tipton for ignoring local interests and “claiming to represent Western Slope ranchers and sportsmen — (while) peddling the interests of Texas oil speculators on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives.” It sure appears that our district would go from bad to worse if Boebert somehow gets to DC.

Ms. Boebert may have a loud voice, but she doesn’t represent our values. Her lack of understanding of basic policy issues presents a real threat to our public lands. By opposing locally-driven efforts to protect our hunting, grazing, and recreational areas, she also threatens our outdoor and agricultural heritage, along with our Western Slope Way of life.

Please Vote for Diane.

Dave Munk

Future of Colorado, planet depend on you vote

Too often lately our mountains are shrouded in smoke. Our pristine air is rated at various levels of hazardous. Floods and hurricanes pummel one coast; wildfires rage up and down the other. These extreme weather events are nature’s alarm bells and they can no longer be ignored. Human caused global warming is a scientific fact. We need elected officials who will take immediate action against this urgent threat — not those who deny the threat exists.

Here in Colorado, Diane Mitsch Bush is running for House Seat CD3; John Hickenlooper is running for the Senate. Google them to learn where they stand on climate change and the environment, versus where their opponents stand. Then vote for them. The future of Colorado and our planet depends on it.

Julie Comins Pickrell

No (again) on Abortion Ban Prop 115

Here we go again. Certain factions continue to try to peck away at women’s Constitutional reproductive freedom. Don’t let them, Colorado. The current ballot initiative 115 would ban abortions after 22 weeks with one exception — when the life of the mother is at risk. However, there are no exceptions built into the extreme proposal for rape, incest or even a lethal fetal diagnosis.

Abortion is a lawful, private, medical procedure. The unique decision to have an abortion belongs to the woman involved in consultation with her doctor and the people who love her. It really is not the business of anyone else. Trust women to make reproductive decisions that are best for themselves and their families. Reject the assault on the freedom to choose. Vote no on the abortion ban, Proposition 115.

Joyce L. Jenkins
Glenwood Springs

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