Wednesday letters: Trump and veterans, Boebert and public health, masks in downtown, and Boebert’s leadership |

Wednesday letters: Trump and veterans, Boebert and public health, masks in downtown, and Boebert’s leadership

You have not risen to the occasion, Mr. Trump

On July 6, 1954 I stood on a point of land bordering the west side of the Hudson River in New York, and, along with 550 others, I swore to support the Constitution of the United States and to maintain and defend the sovereignty of this country.

Thirteen of those sworn into the Army that day died in Vietnam. They were not “losers” Mr. Trump, nor were they “suckers.” Their names are scattered among over 58,000 others carved into the Vietnam Wall and not one of those people was a sucker or loser for dying while serving this country.

On Jan. 20, 2017, you took a similar oath, swearing to faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and promising that, to the best of your ability, you would preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

As was the case with many people, I was appalled that you won, but I hoped that you would rise to the occasion. You have not.  

It’s not that you have done everything wrong. It’s just that, so often, you have failed to do the right thing. Consider just two of your most serious failings. First, as of this writing there have been over 190,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. Your inept leadership and your repeated voicing of misinformation have contributed to a significant portion of that number.

Second, your willful scientific ignorance, your declaration of U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, your misguided support of the fossil fuel industry, and your persistent rollback of environmental regulations will have detrimental impacts on clean air and water far into the future.   

When an alien spaceship visits earth several thousand years from now, the commander of the exploration team is likely to shake his head and say “There was intelligent life here at one time, but they apparently encountered the perfect storm of a global disease and a rise in temperature that eventually proved fatal to everyone and everything. The leader of the richest and most powerful country could have easily dealt with those challenges, but he was a loser.”  

John Palmer
Glenwood Springs

Politics pervades everything

Pitkin County officials shouldn’t have been surprised an Aug. 31 fundraiser for Congressional District 3 candidate Lauren Boebert violated state and local requirements for face masks and social distancing. Boebert initially drew attention to herself in May by getting in Dutch with her Republican colleagues in Garfield County for opening up her Shooter’s Grill restaurant in Rifle in defiance of health department orders.

Leave it to people of Boebert’s ilk to make something political outt of good sense public health protocols. I’m sure they won’t like hearing this, but the far right is exhibiting traits typical of the Soviets. Politics is always the overriding concern.

I don’t recall Boebert’s opponent in the upcoming election, Diane Mitsch Bush, breaking the law to make a political point. Mitsch Bush must be the law and order candidate.

Fred Malo Jr.

City needs to be responsible for enforcement of mask wearing

(This letter was originally addressed: Dear Council Members)

 Have you walked around downtown lately? Have you attended events under the bridge? If so, you’ve seen that there are more unmasked people than not. 

Who is responsible for enforcing the mask requirements in downtown Glenwood Springs? 

If no one is responsible, then you need to make someone responsible for enforcing the mandatory requirements that the people of your city have shown strong support for. 

The business groups are touting Glenwood tourism. If continuing to attract outsiders to our town is for their benefit, perhaps they should pay for some enforcement. 

Mary Bowling
Glenwood Springs

We need good leadership, not a roadside distraction

Never one to shy away from publicity, our GOP District 3 Sarah Palin wanna-be candidate for congress has been busy. She wants us to believe that dark forces of the “deep state” are at work to destroy America. I don’t know about you, but unmarked vans and unidentified “police” taking individuals to unknown locations in Portland could qualify as the “deep state.”

She claimed that protesters were bused in for the Juneteenth March in Rifle, claiming that they were here to divide our city. No proof, but truth and the GOP seem to be adversaries. If you look at her website, you’ll see that Colorado Boots on the Ground bikers proudly support her. Peaceful protesters were confronted with armed individuals and bikers revving their engines to drown out the marchers. Never mind the 1st amendment, she only loves the 2nd. My wife wondered: What if those guys on motorcycles and carrying guns had been black or brown?

Ms. Boebert has characterized the Black Lives Matter movement as “trying to elevate one group or class above another,” claiming the 14th Amendment has already made us all equal under the law. I’m curious Ms. Boebert, when did minorities and women get elevated to the same status as white men, let alone above them? Equal pay, education, housing? I’ll wait.

In 1870 the 15th Amendment theoretically gave African Americans the right to vote. Prior to that, only white men could vote. It was 95 years later that the Voting Rights Act had to be signed in 1965. Yet according to the ACLU, voter suppression is still rampant, especially since 2008. Ask Obama and Clinton.

The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote in 1920. Yet women are still discriminated against in the work place, in healthcare, in education. Let’s not even mention freedom of choice. Minority women are especially disadvantaged in today’s society.

Perhaps stop mentioning Amendments to the constitution, as apparently you know very little about it. Except the 2nd, of course. You’ve claimed your place is the top tourist attraction in Rifle. We need good leadership, not a roadside distraction.

Craig S. Chisesi

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