Wednesday letters: Vaccine insight, thanks for the memories, West Glenwood development, support America, and anti-vaxxers |

Wednesday letters: Vaccine insight, thanks for the memories, West Glenwood development, support America, and anti-vaxxers

Vaccine insight appreciated

I want to thank Dr. Skwiot for his caring and insightful guest column regarding vaccines and our community. 

His words “maintaining individual autonomy” stood out to me, as that is what the Western Slope is known for, and I understand the struggle that COVID-19 has posed. 

Dr. Skwiot is clear that this is the time we need to put that autonomy aside and get vaccinated. The well-being of ourselves, our neighbors and our community depend on our forgoing that autonomy at this time. 

I am impressed with Dr. Skwiot’s willingness to state this boldly, and I’m thankful for Grand River Hospital.

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Dina Jones

New Castle

We’ll be back

As we are leaving your lovely town, it is with regret we didn’t have more time to explore the town and things to do. We arrived on the Rocky Mountaineer to a warm and friendly welcome.

That was the beginning of a lovely but too short visit. While strolling around the plaza, I talked to so many friendly people.  

We had a struggle deciding which restaurant to choose, as each menu had tempting entrees.  

We shall return to stay longer next time. A special thanks to all that took the time to make us so welcome.

Arna Lewis

San Diego, California

No thanks to ‘new future’

I just got home to West Glenwood. We are so fortunate to live here. It is friendly, family-oriented and the sunniest place in town. R2 development, from Cincinnati, wants to build some 330 unaffordable units in West Glenwood behind the mall. This will destroy us. They have lawyers, architects, traffic engineers and even a PR lady. She says this massive development will bring “a new future to a blighted area.” 

Wow. Thanks for the info. How about the traffic nightmares? What about our small town character? How about our safety, our welfare and quality of life? Do they plan on making Melray, Donegan and Storm King roads four lanes? Will the roundabouts be widened so we can escape the next fire? It is just money to them. It is our home and our future for us.

Michael Hoban

West Glenwood

Support the country you’re in

I attended a high school football game in Rifle on Friday. The game was between the Rifle Bears and the Palisade Bulldogs. The Rifle Bears football team ran onto the field at the start of the game carrying the American flag and the Mexican flag. 

This was very upsetting to me as an American and as a U.S. Army veteran.

I realize there are many Mexican immigrants here. The children of these immigrants should realize their parents did not come to America because it is like Mexico. They came here because America has so much more to offer them and their children than the country they came from.

I believe you should support the country you live in or live in the country you support.

Ron Byrd Sr.


Anti-vaxxers or anti-truthers?

The demonstration held Monday in front of Valley View Hospital, the flagship of our local health care system, was crammed with people waving signs to oppose the COVID-19 vaccines that are saving the lives of our frontline medical workers and the people they treat. 

One sign read, “Our Bodies, Our Choices.” How many of those people are actually pro-choice toward women’s health? Another sign compared compelled vaccinations, currently only imposed on medical workers and a handful of government employees and corporations, to the Nuremberg trials. How many of those demonstrators actually know what the Nuremberg trials were? Hitler and his henchmen committed mass genocide. How many people have died after taking the COVID-19 vaccine? There have been complications as expected, as there was with malaria and yellow fever vaccinations, but in the end, millions of lives were saved.

I understand if someone is just extremely adverse to getting a needle shot. And a few Christian Scientists out there might have religious exemptions. But to deny the truth of empirical medical science, whose Hippocratic oath is a steadfast current toward the goal of saving lives, defies all explanations. This pandemic has all the wheels to upturn society as the plague of the 13th century did. Let us at least keep our local community immune to the denial of truth and scientific method.

John Marsden

Glenwood Springs

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