Wednesday letters: Vaccine thoughts, Buddy up, funny thinking |

Wednesday letters: Vaccine thoughts, Buddy up, funny thinking

Editor’s note: We have unpublished online a letter that called for placing people in concentration camps. It was wrong of us to run it in print and online in the first place and not only violates our submission rules but is generally against the pale of decency. We apologize for our error and will do everything we can to avoid making a similar one in the future.

Here’s why

I am a “vaccine refuser” and this is why. I have ample reasons to refuse them and I don’t have to enumerate them, but will, to answer those who paint with broad strokes, like to label those with differing opinions and who are not thinking logically because of absolute fear of the unknown.

We’ve had over two years of these liberty stealing, economy killing, neighbor hate instigating mandates. It has polarized our community, state, country and world which is why it will continue. It keeps those in power secure in their agendas and ensures our dependence on the “experts.”

My wife died of ALS, which was triggered by her taking the flu vaccine. It is listed as a possible adverse reaction along with death on the insert of the flu vaccine box. You can read it for yourself. I was in the military for seven years and had to vaccinate and got very ill every year after receiving them. I haven’t taken them since I got out in 1992 and I don’t get the flu anymore. Coincidence? I have had friends that have had adverse reactions to the COVID-19 vaccine and heard stories of people who’ve been injured and died as a result of the “vaccine.” Coincidence? Children developing pericarditis? The only common denominator being the jab! These are clearly, in my opinion, enough reason for any sane person who is paying attention to refuse this jab.

I however will not dissuade anyone who’ve absolutely made their mind up to take it. It is your body. It is your right. Fear is all I hear now when speaking of these phantom viruses. It is no surprise to me that there are those out there with sentiments like P. Hunter. I’ve witnessed it!

What is surprising is PI’s willingness to print these opinions that support mass vaccination while refusing opinions like mine and call them salacious and false. This is censorship, wrong and a violation of our rights. The truth is no one knows the hour or day of their death. We are all going to die. This is inevitable. You can’t speak to democracy, liberty and responsibility while screaming coercion, shame and punishment for dissenters. It’s childishly illogical.

Tim Carruasco

Glenwood Springs

Be a Buddy

What is happening? It feels overwhelming right now and you might think, “where do I even start?” or “why even bother trying to make a difference?” when so many things feel completely bonkers. There aren’t enough meditation apps in the world to help us all take a collective breath.

So, here’s another idea: Do something for someone else. Anything. You won’t believe how good it makes you feel. Our brains release endorphins when we help others. It’s called a “Helper’s High.”

It could be something small. I have a friend who always brings a coffee to her stylist when she gets a haircut. Hold the door open for someone. Smile at someone on the bus. Bag your own groceries. Anything … just to start. Then, think bigger. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog. Or work a shift at the local food bank.

And then, think about how just a little of your time each week could truly make a lasting impact.

I get that happiness kick every week when I spend time with my Little Buddy. She and I meet for a walk, a slice or an adventure. No big deal. We talk about life. And I have the support of my case manager at the Buddy Program, no matter what.

I’ll leave you with this thought: There are more than 30 kids waiting for a Big Buddy in this valley. Take a hint from Muhammed Ali himself: Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.

Laura Seay


Funny guy

Since there’s no comics, I sure am glad the PI keeps printing Mr. Malo’s letters carping about our fiscally responsible GarCo commissioners (LTE 12/29/21).

A 60% loss of revenue does not worry Fred. With typical liberal naivte’ we’ll fix it by raising taxes, but only “rich” people will foot the bill for this socialistic joke.

When rich Dems say they’ll tax the rich, I wonder how sincere they are and who really ends up paying. I betcha Fred’s not planning to pay, and I wonder who decides who can’t afford to pay.

Those old three stooges ain’t got nothing on you Fred as far as funny is concerned.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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