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Whiting column: Best response to campaign statements might be, ‘seriously?’

We should never be surprised by what is said in an election year. Politicians say what we want to hear, but some statements will make one say “Seriously?” and illustrate how knowledge, common sense and thought are lacking.

With the election over, I thought it might lighten things up by listing a few of the statements heard or read during the campaign that seem to fit this description. I’ll let you determine your own opinion. I haven’t listed the perpetrator so as to protect the guilty.

• The government can make people go back to work by giving them money.

• There isn’t one person refusing to go back to work, because they are receiving unemployment and stimulus checks.

• We need to change the system so unskilled workers are paid a very high wage.

• Teachers aren’t essential employees, so they shouldn’t be in the classroom.

• Colorado should only spend transportation money on front range roads. Those living east of the tunnel should pay for their own roads.

• No parent is spending money on tobacco, alcohol or drugs that should be spent on their kids

• In order to make politics more efficient, everyone needs to vote entire party line instead of mixed party ballot.

• It will be so nice to look out the window of my house and see wolves in the backyard.

• Wolves won’t leave the boundaries of Rocky Mountain National Park.

• Wolves will stay above timberline in the winter.

• The way to get more people to run for political office, is for them to receive more perks from the private sector.

• We don’t need term limits on Senators. The older they get the wiser they are and the more they are in touch with their constituents.

• Ukraine didn’t hire Joe Biden’s son and pay him hundreds of thousands in order to get access to Joe Biden.

• Trump caused COVID and allowed it to enter the US.

• Not allowing Medicare to negotiate prescription prices drives their price down.

• Under socialism, all restaurants would have cheap food.

• It’s more important for the government to spend money on new buildings than roads.

• I can’t remember how many times I’ve flown on a private jet.

• It’s awfully hard to imagine that I could be successful as a senator.

• COVID hasn’t significantly affected our economy.

• A nationwide mask mandate won’t negatively affect the economy.

• Jobs are barely in the top ten of importance to most voters.

• Society creates homeless people; it has nothing to do with the choices they made.

• Drugs are not a problem in homeless camps.

• Said to a ten-year old girl: you’re just as bright as you are good-looking.

• Poor kids are just as bright as white kids.

• There won’t be a single instance of voting fraud in a mail in election.

• We can regain all the oil/gas jobs we have and will lose in Colorado in less than a year.

• Money the US spends buying oil from Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries is never used to fund terrorism.

• Many companies are looking to bring manufacturing plants to Garfield County.

• When people leave Garfield County to find work, they will always move back.

• We need to diversify our economy; we don’t want any more tourists.

• We should eliminate hunting. The money and jobs lost will be made up by amateur photographers.

• RFTA rides should be free. We already have the buses.

• We should require homeowners to rent out their unused bedrooms.

• The government should institute a maximum rent on homes.

• We should seek more immigrants. It will drive down the price of rental housing.

• People shouldn’t have to move to find a high paying job or any job.

• High paying jobs shouldn’t require a lot of education or training.

• It shouldn’t matter if an employee doesn’t get along well with his boss, co-workers or customers.

• The first step to increasing emphasis on education, is to raise the minimum wage.

• Crime will not increase if we eliminate the police.

• It’s not necessary for Senators to be in Obama Care because we have our own insurance.

• Things I did while in elected office should not be made public while I am seeking a higher public office today.

• The Broncos losing seven starters to injury shouldn’t affect their competitiveness.

• And the one that is most likely true: Politicians don’t flip flop in their opinions, they just can’t remember what they said last time.

It is our personal responsibility to recruit and support political candidates who are knowledgeable, logical, possess common sense and think before they speak.

Bryan Whiting feels most of our issues are best solved by personal responsibility and an understanding of non-partisan economics rather than government intervention. Comments and column suggestions to: bwpersonalresponsibility@gmail.com

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