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Wills offers 14 years of experience

On Aug. 10 all Republican and unaffiliated voters of Garfield, Pitkin, and Rio Blanco counties will be asked to select our next district attorney. Let me begin by encouraging each eligible voter to participate in this primary election. In my view the results of this election will set the course of law enforcement in this district for years to come. It is that important.

My opponent and I have basic philosophical differences concerning both the job requirements and the qualifications necessary to perform successfully the position of district attorney.

I know the job requires a hands-on team leader of 10 trial attorneys each solely dedicated to the pursuit of justice. The team leader must have a thorough understanding of the problems his or her employees will face and the decisions that they must make.

It requires being personally involved in every major case, not necessarily as the lead trial attorney but as a source of wisdom and judgment concerning the labyrinth of trial tactics, jury selection, evidence, expert use and sentencing recommendations.

Mine is a view gained from the inside, from employment in the trenches of this industry for 14 years, over three different administrations, and in two separate judicial districts.

Ms. Truden, never having worked as a prosecutor, maintains an outsider’s view. She believes it to be merely another management job.

She fails to recognize real experience forms the basis of every decision that is made for the district, whether that decision is of a personnel, budgetary, or trial leadership nature.

She fails to recognize this job is about motivating those 10 attorneys each day to stand before the court and capably represent the forgotten victim’s side of the offense. She does not understand the importance of supporting and encouraging 20 staff members who work thanklessly behind the scenes. An untested, outside manager who has never walked in a prosecuting attorney’s shoes cannot possibly perform these functions.

Make no mistake, this election is a defining moment for law enforcement in this district. Ms. Truden is being promoted by local police agencies to effectively eliminate the district attorney’s role as an independent evaluator of each case filing.

The agencies correctly suspect I will insist on high standards; standards derived from standing before the juries of this state over 150 times to hear what you want in law enforcement.

In contrast, my opponent has been specifically drafted by these police agencies to circumvent this check and balance inherent in our justice system. If she succeeds, we all lose. It is that important.

H. Lawson Wills is running for district attorney in the 9th Judicial District.

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