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Letter: Wissing’s strengths

Amber Wissing is an exceptional individual. We are fortunate to have her as the office manager at our dental practice here in Glenwood Springs. The skills she possesses would be an asset as a member of the City Council.

She has clear vision to prioritize the most important tasks at hand, formulate the steps to attain these goals, and work diligently and quickly to get the job done. She has excellent communication skills, and is not afraid to reach out and contact whoever it takes to acquire the information she needs. She handles difficult situations and people with grace and wisdom.

Amber is a Glenwood Springs native, and therefore has a wide base of knowledge about and history in our town, and has a personal as well as professional relationship with people in many different circles of our community. She is talented at taking nebulous problems and finding concrete answers. She is very efficient, level headed, and yet able to think outside the box. All of these attributes would make her an excellent member of the City Council.

Amy Johnson

Glenwood Springs

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