You have no excuse to not vote |

You have no excuse to not vote

Michael Bennett
Mike Bennett

Hey, Glenwood Springs residents, do you know what is going on April 7? Let me give you a hint. It all started officially on March 16. It will help determine the future of your city. It is your deadline to give direction to the city on whether or not it should sell its .303-acre parcel of land at the intersection of 23rd Street and South Grand Avenue near the Roaring Fork River.

April 7 of course is the last day for you to cast your vote in this year’s city election. If you live in Ward 1, you have a choice between two worthy City Council candidates. The other competitive race is for all of in the city to choose an at large candidate from a field of three. This is yet another tough decision.

If you live in Wards 3 or 4 you can pat your incumbents on the back with your vote if you like the work they have done for you. If not, you have an option to write in your choice.

Would you write in your name for council for the little pay that comes with plenty of aggravation to help our city move forward? Most of us wouldn’t, so the least we can do is thank those who do with our vote of support.

Statistics show that most of us won’t vote, even though local elections such as these have a greater impact on your everyday life than presidential elections. And in today’s world, voting has become far easier than ever.

Way back when, I remember you had to first figure out where to go to cast your vote, usually a local school. Mailing in ballots was not an option for the average voter. The excuses not to vote were mostly due to weather. It’s too cold or too hot or it’s raining or snowing. Not great excuses, really, but the challenge then is probably not that much different than today. Apathy or the fact that most people get caught up only in the glitter of national elections.

In today’s world, your ballot comes to you in the mail. There aren’t very many choices to check in this election. At most you have two candidates and one issue to think about.

We have provided many stories and published many of your letters to help you make educated choices. If you haven’t read them, go back to the Post Independent archives to hear what the candidates have to say in their own words. We offered our opinion as well.

Once you’ve made your choices, just drop your ballot in the mail or in the box at City Hall. Walking up the three flights of stairs to the city clerk will be great exercise and fill you full of pride as you do your civic duty. It is that easy today.

So tell me, what is your excuse not to vote?

Michael Bennett is publisher of the Post Independent.

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