Your friends help determine your age |

Your friends help determine your age

If you often feel like you are surrounded by people who do not value their health, beware. Your social interactions may be robbing years from your life (and life from your years).When you go out with friends, are you discussing drug side effects, or the moguls you once skied when you had omnipotent knees? When you gather with family, do you swap surgery stories, or the details of your never-ending infection?If you value your health, be careful. If you choose to remain vibrant, and free from disease or pain, then you’ll need to get organized. If you wish to feel better at 50 than you did at 15, you’ll need to prepare a social network that supports your vision of well-being.Your closest social relationships are having a huge impact on your health. Within your immediate circle of influence, your spouse, co-workers, extended family, and your dearest friends will collectively have the biggest impact on your physical state.To determine the extent to which your social network affects you, start by studying your personal ideas about health. How do you picture “old age”? Do you see yourself running a marathon in your 80s? Do you look forward to spending more time as a couch potato?Create a vision for your life and your health. How do see yourself at every age? Imagine what it feels like to wake up every day with energy, strength, and a positive attitude. If you picture yourself this way throughout your life, then you need to plan for it. Choosing your social influences plays a major role in bringing your vision to reality.Aging is inevitable. However, disease and degenerating health are not inevitable. They are not part of the natural aging process. Preventing disease and degeneration help to minimize the aging process. We are constantly on a journey. If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backward. Therefore, if you and your social network are not pursuing great health, then you are pursuing poor health and disease.Physical activity is an essential component to healthy aging that can be used to build powerful relationships. By being physically active with other people, we are drawn closer to them. Psychological and emotional needs are satisfied. The combination of physical and psychological bonding is fulfilling on a deeper level.Exercising with others, or joining a sports team or recreational group, continually reinforces the benefits of physical activity. We exercise more, and we become healthier as a group.When we collectively focus our time on getting healthier, and allow no time for disease, we give ourselves extra time in our days!For a free copy of the audio CD “The 10 Things You Need to Do Every Day to Create a Younger, Stronger Body,” contact Nina at 948-0179. Nina Schnipper is a nationally certified fitness trainer and medical massage therapist.

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