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Isn’t Hon. Wellington Webb’s stated objective in splitting the Stapleton neighborhood with the District 7 boundary to “protect African-American influence” racist? Substitute “white” for “African American” and now answer the question.

How can it not be? And doesn’t that in and of itself invalidate the map? Last time I checked, there was no “African-American influence” criterion in the re-apportionment statute.

Robert Joseph Richardson

Glenwood Springs

Kudos to our Garfield County Board of Commissioners. We in Silt are excited about the willingness of the BOCC in helping us realize our dream in bringing a grocery store, drug store and a bank to Silt.

In Silt, the words “economic development” are more than a collection of ideas and committees. Economic development to us is a joint effort with the community in putting legs to our dreams and visions. A special thanks to Mayor Pro Tem Rick Aluise and Administrator Pam Woods for their dedication and labor in moving this project forward.

But first a reality check.

How many of readers have lived in a town that didn’t have a grocery store or a bank? Each Friday you would drive seven to 14 miles just to deposit your check. On Saturday, drive another seven to 14 miles to go grocery shopping, making a round trip of 14 to 28 miles.

A gallon of milk, a loaf of bread equals another 14-mile, 45-minute drive. Many citizens in Silt have just given up on the grocery store and bank idea.

Instead of wallowing in their frustrations of not having a store or bank, they have resigned themselves in making the trip to Rifle, New Castle or Glenwood Springs several times a week. With the economic conditions as they are, a gallon of gas per trip can add up fast.

Perhaps we in Silt can see a light at the end of the dark tunnel. We will know more by the end of the month, so keep us in your thoughts. And a special thanks to all the citizens of Garfield County for the positive and supportive spirit they have shown. I can’t help but to believe that all Garfield County is openly or secretively rooting for this small town in western Garfield County. Thanks again.

Dave Moore, mayor


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