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Ryan Summerlin

An Oklahoma expatriate seeking cultural refuge in the American West, Ryan earned a Bachelor’s degree in English from Oklahoma State University, after leaving his small, Oklahoma hometown in an escape akin to The Shawshank Redemption.

He then spent several years in Chaffee County, Colorado, river guiding, tuning skis and snowboards, as well as shooting ski photography and other outdoor sports photos in the Arkansas River Valley.

Ryan’s first job in journalism was as a reporter for The Mountain Mail, in Salida, Colorado, also covering rural criminal justice, very local government and any other colorful stories offered by the mountain community. He moved to Glenwood to work at the Post Independent in 2015.

Miscellaneous: In high school Ryan was a choir geek, theater nerd and lineman for the 2005 Oklahoma 2A state champion football team. He enjoys all forms of science fiction, excels in cooking a variety of breakfast dishes and has conflicted affections for both Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

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