Chen selected to All-State band |

Chen selected to All-State band

Theresa Hamilton
Garfield Re-2 Director of Communication
Coal Ridge High School sophmore Christian Chen with his trombone.
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Playing an instrument that is the same size as you are can be awkward and intimidating, recalled Coal Ridge High School sophomore Christian Chen of beginning to play the trombone in middle school.

“I started playing the clarinet and I’ve tried some string instruments,” explained Christian, “but I am dedicated to the trombone. My favorite thing to do is play my trombone.”

In just a few short years, Christian has progressed from a novice trombone player, to earning first-chair All-State honors.

The All-State band audition is a difficult one beginning with complicated scales and culminating in a performance of a musical piece that was provided in May.

“The experience was terrifying,” Christian admits. “I’d been working on the music for months, and I realized through the process, that I should play the piece more like I would sing it. I didn’t think I’d get in at all. The hours and hours of practice paid off.”

The All-State Concert Band is composed of 102 students representing 40 high schools. A total of 934 students from 153 schools participated in the recent All-State band auditions.

Christian wants to keep music in his future plans. He hopes to attend the University of Colorado and study both music and engineering with the intent to become a prosthetics engineer if he is unable to be successful as a professional jazz trombone player.

“There is a high demand for prosthetic limbs and I really like helping people,” said Christian. “The University of Colorado has everything I need for the medical, engineering and music classes.”

But music is the essence of his being.

“Once music was introduced, it has become my life,” he smiled.

All members of Colorado’s All-State band will participate in a concert at the University of Northern Colorado on March 30-April 1.

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