Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor – Dec. 19, 2013 |

Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor – Dec. 19, 2013

Fire insurance savings welcome

Please applaud the efforts of the recently-formed Colorado River Fire Rescue in their successfully attaining an ISO class 3/8-B from a 5/9 for the Rifle Fire Protection District and a 6/9 for the Burning Mountains Fire Protection District. Most property fire insurance rates are based on this ISO rating system.

Dropping to a class 3/8-B is a huge step in lowering your fire insurance rates. Only 3.6 percent of fire departments nationwide are able to meet this classification. One article I read estimated that each “full point” dropped could result in approximately a $40-45 drop in insurance premiums. Not all insurance carriers utilize the ISO ratings system, so be sure to contact your insurance agent to understand the savings this will have on your fire insurance.

It is not often that a taxing entity returns money to the taxpayer, either in tax cuts or other significant returns. Based on the property evaluations for this area, the total cumulative savings could be in the millions of dollars. Thank you, Colorado River Fire Rescue.

Stuart Cerise

West Valley, Utah

Adjectives and nouns

First, I’d like to sincerely convey my hopes to one and all that you remain safe, enjoy the almost record-breaking powder and have a great holiday season.

Having said that, I must comment on all the radical usage of adjectives and nouns lately. It appears abundantly clear some don’t know the difference. “Communism,” for instance, is a noun. Unfortunately, some use it as an adjective or a dirty word, like “fascist” or “dictator” or “dead beat dad.” Not one I’d use to describe John Lennon, by the way.

Nor would have I used “communist” to describe Nelson Mandela. Imagine trying to tie Mandela in with those that receive undue recognition as leaders. They don’t deserve to be mentioned by name and/or whatever title the media uses to describe fascist dictators that don’t deserve to share a stage with Mandela – a freedom seeker. (And honestly, I don’t know if you can use two words as an adjective. My bad. Well it’s an opinion page, but you guys know the difference. I claim poetic lisence. Come on, where’s your holiday spirit? It’s certainly not shown by picking on those deceased who can’t defend themselves.) I’ll have to add that I get a sick feeling when I think of those “others” I mentioned. Although I was amused when Whoopi Goldberg referred to that guy in Iran as “I’m a dinner jacket.” Now that was funny, yet tastefully critical at the same time. Cool.

By the way, when your nose runs, it’s a verb. But when it’s runny, it’s an adjective. In either case, it ain’t goin’ nowhere.

Be careful, mindful of others, and by all means, once again, have a great holiday season. See y’all next year. And as always, think about it.

“Uncle” Joe Lewis


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