Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor – Jan. 30, 2014 |

Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor – Jan. 30, 2014

Chickens stirring dust?

More like slinging mud! It seems to me that this is a simple case of some unhappy people that feel like making life difficult for the rest of their neighbors. The only valid reason for all the stress was stated by Becky Mall herself: their dog was barking at the chickens. Not the chicken’s fault or the dog’s; this is an owner issue. If you don’t want your dog to bark, then teach it not to. Every other complaint stated in the newspaper article is unsubstantiated.

The community service officer, Dawn Neely, never could find a good reason to have the chickens removed from the care of Marnie Long, not one reason. If the City Council really wants to ban chickens from Rifle over this, then I get the feeling they will get a lot of resistance from the community. Hopefully, this City Council will not be so rash in their decision-making as some others.

Tennille Patterson


Don’t tax job creators

Job creation should be job #1 for Congress this year. Putting people to work in good, new private-sector jobs will solve many of the economic issues we face.

Focusing on job creation means supporting industries best able to expand and hire workers. For example, the energy industry has led the way in creating new jobs for the past several years. Not only has this industry put hundreds of thousands of people to work in new positions, it has also helped to reduce our dependence on foreign oil and gas.

Not much would stop this job growth more than raising taxes on energy companies, which the administration and some in Congress spent 2013 trying to do. Our representatives should return to work and vow to support and stimulate growth within the energy industry, not hurt them by arbitrarily increasing their taxes.

Duncan McArthur

Grand Junction

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