Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor – May 1, 2014 |

Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor – May 1, 2014

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Look at needs, not ‘must-haves’

Good article on Grand Valley schools. (The Citizen Telegram, April 24, 2014). Debt is always a quandary. Borrowing assumes that things will remain the same or get better and the ability to repay won’t be a problem.

I know we live in complicated times, necessitating more complicated education, but give a man or woman the ability to read, do math in his or her head, and then the skill of communicating – on paper – simple or complex ideas, and they will fill in the blanks. Western Colorado turned out some significant achievers in bygone days without the expensive “must-haves” of today’s school boards.

Here in Texas, we are the worst: A $60 million football stadium for a high school north of Dallas. At a school board meeting 25 years ago, I listened to the critical need for a computer lab discussed. A 30-year employee of IBM told the board that the kids didn’t need this lab, that what they learned in the computer class would be obsolete by the time they went to college, and that the kids probably had better equipment at home. The board thanked him for his opinion and proceeded to install computer labs in their schools.

I mentor at an inner city school here in Fort Worth where the third graders can show you how to play games, text and Tweet on their I-Phone or android. These same third graders are counting on their fingers if you ask them what eight times nine equals.

Grand Valley schools, along with most in our nation, need to struggle with what the students need rather than what it takes to keep up with what the neighboring school board is doing. But then, we are America, where we get what we want, even if it requires more debt.

Bob Cross

Fort Worth, Texas

Time to pray

In 1988, President Ronald Reagan designated the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer.

We all need to ask the Lord to come back into our lives, country, schools and everywhere He has been banned by politics. This country was founded on true faith and we need to stand up and be counted.

If anyone is offended by a day of prayer, just walk on by and let us show our faith and devotion to the Lord by giving thanks to Him for giving us another beautiful day. I am proud to be a Christian.

Jan Walker


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