Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor: Recreation abounds, Rifle has literacy needs, highways need help, meth is the real drug problem |

Citizen Telegram Letters to the Editor: Recreation abounds, Rifle has literacy needs, highways need help, meth is the real drug problem

Recreation blessings abound

I know you have heard it before, but I feel compelled.

Rifle has the Colorado River for fishing and rafting. Rifle has Rifle Mountain Park for picnics, fishing, rock climbing and camping. Rifle has Rifle Gap Reservoir for fishing, water skiing, picnics and camping. Hiking opportunities are unlimited. Photography subjects are everywhere. Walking, bicycling, mountain biking are at the doorstep. Add to the list deer and elk hunting, bird hunting, snowmobiling, picturesque golfing, county fairs, air shows, concerts in the park, movies, bowling, plans for the Ute Theater…gosh!

Reminds me of Leo Tolstoy’s booklet, “How Much Land Does A Man Need?” Answer: Just a little bit more. Cities in much of the United States would die for the recreation blessings that Rifle already enjoys.

Bob Cross

Fort Worth, Texas

Rifle residents want to be literate, you can help

The need for literacy education is astounding.

If we start with the larger picture, we see that worldwide, nearly 800 million adults are illiterate in their native languages.

At the national level, an estimated 30 million people over the age of 16, over one in every ten individuals, don’t read well enough to understand a newspaper story or fill out a job application.

In Garfield County alone, the illiteracy rate was 11.53 percent in 2003. Ten years later, with a growing population, marred by one of the worst foreclosure rates in the state and amidst rapidly increasing food stamp usage, one might say that in this county we’re approaching an illiteracy crisis. In a county where English is not spoken in one out of every four households, the illiteracy rate most likely has peaked to somewhere near 15 percent, if not higher.

There still remain over 100 students on our waiting list for tutors throughout the county, with more calling daily. In Rifle alone, 26 adults are waiting to improve their basic literacy skills. Skills they need to survive and help their families to thrive. Basic literacy skills include reading, writing, basic math computations and oral English skills. Most of these students want to learn better English so they can provide for their families. Still others do not possess enough reading skills to work toward their GED at Colorado Mountain College. Many cannot even identify the letters of the alphabet. Some are working toward their citizenship as a goal. Still others need to learn to budget.

Please help by volunteering. Learn more from 10-11:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 2, at the Rifle Branch Library, 207 East Ave.

Martha Fredendall

Literacy Outreach director

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