CMC Winning Essay explores diversity in Western Colorado |

CMC Winning Essay explores diversity in Western Colorado

Luis Sanchez

Diversity shapes our lives in western Colorado by exposing us to new and different ideas. All of us have ideas that make us all different from each other. When a variety of individuals are together within a society, or population, we have a diverse population. A diverse population that is different in terms of skin color, culture, or ethnicity, but the diversity that goes past that, is the diversity of minds, a diversity of ideas that shapes individuals and societies.

Every day we see this diversity through the exchanging of ideas from individual people from all over western Colorado. We see it during open discussions at our local city council meetings. We hear it on the radio when we tune into our favorite talk show and listen to the show host give their opinion on a specific topic, and when they discuss it with callers or show guests. We read it in local newspaper when we read people’s letters and opinions in columns.

These exchanges of ideas help us identify and relate with others. They also help us learn about others with differing ideas. We get exposed to new ideas that can change the way we view ourselves and the world. We can also get exposed to new ideas that help us affirm and protect our current ideas on how we view ourselves and the world.

Christopher Hitchens, who was an Anglo-American journalist, among many other things, once said, “We may differ on many things, but what we respect is free inquiry, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of ideas for their own sake…” Diversity of ideas is necessary. Someone in western Colorado will have differing ideas from someone else’s, and one must recognize that is fine. Discuss, ask questions, and try to understand the differing ideas. This allows for positive discussion and debate, and creates a healthy environment for ideas to grow and flourish.

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