Crime Briefs: A broken window, a burglar and a BB gun |

Crime Briefs: A broken window, a burglar and a BB gun

Ryan Summerlin

Law enforcement arrested Tarran Lee Downing on Tuesday for allegedly robbing the Red River Inn, a hotel in Silt, Saturday night.

Downing, 23, was described in a press release as a former Silt resident.

Police responded to the Red River Inn late Saturday night after receiving a report about a male suspect who brandished a handgun, demanded cash and fled with an undisclosed amount of money.

Downing was arrested after a joint investigation with the Rifle Police Department. The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office Threat Assessment Group and the New Castle Police Department provided additional assistance.

Downing also was arrested on several other charges from unrelated cases, according to the release. Those charges include felony theft in Rifle, motor vehicle theft, possession of burglary tools, robbery, menacing and theft.

He is being held at the Garfield County Jail.

A broken window, a burglar and a BB gun

A 54-year-old man who lives near Thunder River Market reported to authorities that he chased a burglar from his home.

He was fueling his truck at a gas station close enough to his home to hear his neighbor’s dog barking incessantly. He drove back to his house to find the window of his front door smashed and the door cracked open.

Inside the house, he found drawers left open and items that had been moved. As he headed toward his bedroom, he heard a loud noise and saw what he thought was a man running from the restroom out the front door.

He chased the thief and tackled the person in the driveway. Struggling on the ground, the thief pulled out a black handgun, “pointed the firearm and pulled the trigger,” according to an affidavit.

The man heard a clicking sound, but the gun didn’t fire.

He tackled the thief again and grabbed the gun. He pulled the thief’s hood back to see that it was actually a 24-year-old Glenwood Springs woman he had become friends with several months before, he told police.

During the struggle he also pulled out a chunk of her hair, which he later handed over to police. Investigators also later found that the pistol was a BB gun.

The woman fled to a nearby car repair shop and jumped into the passenger side of a black SUV that sped away with a man driving, the man told police.

The same night, Glenwood police stopped a black SUV. A man fled on foot from the vehicle and escaped, but police detained the 24-year-old woman who was still in the vehicle. Searching her, they found a plastic bag “with four single-use syringes” typically used for insulin, according to an affidavit.

While being questioned at the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office, she “flip flopped stories, changed stating points, changed associations with people and admitted to committing crimes earlier in the day,” according to the sheriff’s office.

At one point she said she’d spent the night at the victim’s house, but she later recanted that. Later she said she’d gone to his house to get her cell phone, but she couldn’t find it and took a Tupperware container full of marijuana instead.

The woman was arrested on charges of first-degree burglary, a class 3 felony; menacing with a gun, a class 5 felony; first-degree criminal trespass, a class 5 felony. She was also arrested on charges of criminal mischief, driving under restraint, both misdemeanors, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a petty offense.

Car thief couple turned in by step-mom

Glenwood Springs police in late February got a report about a stolen truck that had been sitting in the Big O Tires parking lot with a for-sale sign in the window.

The owner had left the 1998 Chevy Silverado in the parking lot over the weekend with the store’s permission, but when he came to pick it back up the truck was nowhere to be found.

Then on March 6 a woman from Collbran called police saying her stepson and his girlfriend had come to her home in a truck she believed was stolen.

She told police she knows the pair to be “thieves” and “meth-heads” and that the truck was not theirs. She said she was afraid of them, and she was afraid they would harm her or her property for reporting the vehicle theft.

Both the step-on and girlfriend were arrested on a charge of second-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, a class 6 felony. The Ninth Judicial District Attorney’s Office recently filed a heavier charge of first-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, a class 5 felony.

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