Crime Briefs: Californian stopped with pound of meth |

Crime Briefs: Californian stopped with pound of meth

A Colorado State Patrol trooper stopped a California man Sunday morning and found more than a pound of methamphetamine, more than four times the amount necessary for Colorado’s harshest drug felony.

On the western edge of Glenwood Canyon, the trooper clocked an Audi sedan going 65 mph in a 50 mph zone on westbound Interstate 70.

When David Cantella, 41, of Castaic, California, was stopped, he launched into a story about being distracted by the scenery.

“The driver appeared to become very nervous as he was fidgeting in his seat, talking rapidly and was difficult to understand,” the trooper wrote in an affidavit. “The passenger’s hands were shaking uncontrollably as he passed the paperwork to the driver.”

He then discovered that a man was under his front porch. He grabbed the man, a 22-year-old from Glenwood Springs, by the ankles dragged him out, according to an affidavit.

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Cantella and a 28-year-old passenger said they were traveling from Minnesota back to California.

Cantella refused to consent to a search of the car. Glenwood Springs police were called in with a drug dog.

The dog “alerted” around the vehicle immediately and scratched between the front and rear door on the driver’s side, according to an affidavit.

Searching the vehicle, the trooper first found small containers with smaller amounts of white crystalline powdery substances and a glass pipe with residue.

The powdery substance was all over the center console, according to an affidavit.

Inside a bag in the backseat, the trooper found a gallon plastic bag containing more than 1 pound of methamphetamine.

All together, officers retrieved 1.13 pounds of methamphetamine, or about 516.56 grams.

Cantella was arrested on charges of possession of more than 112 grams of methamphetamine, a level 1 drug felony, driving under suspension, a misdemeanor, possession of drug paraphernalia, a petty offense and speeding 10 to 19 mph over the speed limit, a traffic infraction. The passenger was not charged.

A level 1 drug felony is punishable by 8 to 32 years in prison; a prison sentence is mandatory for this type of crime.

Carbondale MAN arrested on trespassing

A 19-year-old Carbondale man was arrested on a felony trespassing charge last week after he climbed up to a 16-year-old girl’s bedroom balcony in the night and made threatening statements.

The teen woke up hearing scratching noises. She went over to her sliding glass door to open the blinds; she’d been leaving the glass door open to cool off her room.

When she opened the blinds, she saw the young man outside the screen door.

She later told police the scratching noise was him trying to open the screen door while she slept.

He wanted to know why she wasn’t answering his Facebook messages, according to an affidavit.

She told him to leave. But he was insistent about the messages and began to scare her.

“(He) told her she was not afraid now but she would be soon,” Carbondale police reported.

She closed the sliding glass door and locked it. He opened the screen door and tried to get in.

The girl ran to get her mother, who confronted the young man, but he refused to leave for another 10 minutes.

Police later tracked him down at his home, and he was arrested on charges of first-degree criminal trespass, a class 4 felony, and menacing, a misdemeanor.

Mom buys gift with stolen card

Police found a 39-year-old New Castle woman with methamphetamine and several stolen checks and financial devices Wednesday after, authorities allege, she used a stolen credit card to buy her 12-year-old daughter some earrings and a meal.

Rifle police had earlier responded to a woman who said her wallet had been stolen from her vehicle a few days before. Her credit card was being used at the Glenwood Springs Mall.

Taking the woman into custody and calling family to pick up her 12-year-old daughter, police found 2.4 grams of methamphetamine in her backpack along with a scale and syringes.

They found other credit cards that belong to the Rifle woman, as well as her driver’s license. And they recovered several different people’s checks and other people’s mail.

Charges included possession of a controlled substance, a level 4 drug felony; identity theft, a class 4 felony; fraud, a class 6 felony; and criminal possession of an identification document, a misdemeanor.

20-something snoozes under porch

Garfield County sheriff’s deputies Monday morning responded to a trespassing report on County Road 214 near New Castle. A man woke up early in the morning to let his dogs out but noticed they were acting strangely.

He then discovered that a man was under his front porch. He grabbed the man, a 22-year-old from Glenwood Springs, by the ankles dragged him out, according to an affidavit. The resident found the trespasser with a blanket that was last in the resident’s truck, and he suspected the young man had been rummaging through his vehicle.

Deputies later located the younger man walking down Highway 6. The 22-year-old said he was walking to his uncle’s house but had gotten tired at about 3 a.m. and laid down in someone’s yard.

He was arrested on first-degree criminal trespass, a class 5 felony, along with theft and third-degree criminal trespass, both petty offenses.

Drinking LEAD TO meth FIND

Busting up a group of young men drinking Tuesday in Sopris Park, Carbondale police found one of them with about 2 grams of methamphetamine.

Officers found a group of seven men, five of them younger than 21, with a case of beer and a container of marijuana nearby.

An officer wrote in an affidavit that he could smell alcohol on them.

A 20-year-old man was arrested at the scene on a Garfield County warrant. Upon arrest, and being informed of the jail’s contraband policy, he revealed that he had methamphetamine stuffed in both his socks.

He was arrested on a charge of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, a level 4 drug felony.

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