Crime Briefs Intoxicated man tries to pull woman into restroom |

Crime Briefs Intoxicated man tries to pull woman into restroom

Ryan Summerlin

On Dec. 1, Glenwood Springs police responded to a “physical disturbance” at Rivers Restaurant where an intoxicated man was in a fight outside.

At the scene, an officer found a crowd standing around a man sitting at the curb. A bartender told an officer that the 47-year-old man “had refused to leave and had gone in the women’s restroom, then had to be escorted outside,” according to a police report.

When the man tried to walk away, the officer stopped him, then detained him after he refused to provide identification and tried to walk away again. The officer found the 47-year-old had an active Larimer County warrant for failure to comply on a controlled substance/DUI charge, according to an affidavit.

A cook reported that the man was acting normally when he came to the bar, acting “very polite and friendly.” He ordered four Fat Tires over about two and a half hours. “He then came up to the bar and ordered a round for the bar, which we all found a bit peculiar,” the cook reported.

The general manager told police that the restaurant staff was having trouble with the man, and they had asked him to leave several times.

A 49-year-old woman reported that, when she went to the restroom, she found the man standing inside the women’s restroom. She said that he “grabbed her by the arm and was pulling her inside the restroom against her will.” He also had a bottle of some kind and “kept poking and touching her” with it as he continued “struggling with her to get her inside the restroom,” according to an affidavit.

“He had some kind of bottle in his hand and was trying to put it on my face,” she reported. She also saw another woman in the restroom at the time. A man nearby stepped in and got the 47-year-old man off of her. Then he and others took the man outside.

Staffers reported that he had caused “multiple disturbances” over this course of time. Outside he became aggressive, grabbing and thrashing at employees.

Near his bag, officers found the bottle he was trying to touch people with. An employee believed it to be either perfume or essential oils. It contained a red liquid with a cinnamon scent, though officers were not able to ascertain what it was.

He was arrested on felony false imprisonment, misdemeanor harassment and misdemeanor second-degree trespassing.

Deputies tussle with wanted man

Deputies in Battlement Mesa on Tuesday afternoon were looking for a 28-year-old man who had an active warrant stemming from a “domestic violence incident where [he] threatened his wife’s life, threatened to stab her in the face, and threatened to rape her,” according to an affidavit.

At his residence, deputies were able to get the man to come outside. But when he was informed that he was under arrest, he stepped back toward the door, then turned and ran back into the residence, a deputy still having a hold of one of his arms. The 28-year-old attempted to grab the deputy’s arm and throw him over his back.

Another deputy shot a Taser into his stomach, though it appeared to have no effect. The man tried to dive into the other deputy, buckling the deputy’s knee.

The deputy struck him a second time with the Taser, this time in the back. And they were eventually able to get him into cuffs.

A redacted portion of the affidavit references someone “screaming and crying” in the living room during this struggle, and he was eventually charged with negligent child abuse. The deputy with a knee injury had to be examined at Grand River Medical Clinic, and as a result the 28-year-old man was arrested on two felony counts of second-degree assault on a police officer.

These arresting charges also included misdemeanor child abuse and misdemeanor resisting arrest.

L.A. 20-something arrested on car theft

Silt police arrested a 23-year-old man the afternoon of Nov. 23 after finding him driving a stolen Honda.

A Silt officer stopped the Honda going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone, and a 23-year-old woman in the passenger seat said the car was stolen.

Officers found the vehicle was registered to a Silt man. When officers contacted the owner, he looked outside and realized his car was missing, according to an affidavit.

The 23-year-old woman said they had come from Los Angeles six days prior, and when they arrived the 23-year-old man had “been trying to steal cars,” according to an affidavit. That day she was waiting at a bus stop when he rolled up with the Honda, saying that someone had given it to him.

He was arrested on felony aggravated motor vehicle theft and felony first-degree criminal trespass.

Wal-Mart trespasser found with heroin

Rifle police responded to a trespassing report at the Rifle Wal-Mart on the evening of Nov. 22 and discovered a man concealing black tar heroin.

An “asset protection employee” called in saying that a 38-year-old man who had previously been barred form the store was trespassing there.

When police stopped the man to arrest him on a couple of active warrants, officers also found in his jacket pocket two pieces of “waded up aluminum foil commonly used for the consumption of heroin,” and an empty pen body, as reported by Rifle police.

In another pocket they found a small baggie containing a dark colored substance, which later tested positive for heroin. Altogether it weighed about .7 grams.

He was arrested on felony possession of a controlled substance, as well as petty offenses of drug paraphernalia possession and third-degree criminal trespass.

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