Crime briefs: Woman found with plethora of pills |

Crime briefs: Woman found with plethora of pills

Ryan Summerlin

A Glenwood police officer spotted a maroon Dodge truck driving 44 mph on the 800 block of Grand Avenue, a 25 mph zone, on Feb. 18.

As the vehicle crossed the Grand Avenue Bridge, the driver “was unable to maintain a lane,” nearly causing a collision with a car in the next lane,” the officer wrote in an affidavit. Oncoming traffic too had to swerve out of the way when the truck crossed the center double lines.

After being stopped, the driver, a 37-year-old woman, said she had “one glass of wine on a date,” though the officer noticed a heavy odor of alcohol on her breath.

Out of the vehicle she was unsteady on her feet and she fumbled with paperwork, according to the officer.

She failed roadside sobriety tests.

In the vehicle, officers found a large bag full of prescription medications. Inside were “19 different prescriptions, vitamins, and over the counter drugs. All of the bottles were prescribed to (her) but I noted that some of the bottles appeared to have many more pills than the quantity stated on the front of the bottle,” an officer wrote.

They also found two miniature liquor bottles, one of which was opened and half gone.

An officer found six different prescription bottles with many more pills than they should have. Two were schedule IV controlled substances, and five others were schedule V controlled substances.

Some prescriptions were filled that day, while others were more than a year old.

“I know this is commonplace to keep old scheduled drugs for long periods of time if the person is trying to sell them to make a profit,” the officer wrote in a report. “It is also commonplace to refill many prescriptions from numerous doctors in an attempt to have a surplus of pills to sell.”

She was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute, a drug felony, along with six counts of possession, a drug misdemeanor, misdemeanor DUI and misdemeanor careless driving.

20-year-old arrested in guitar theft

A 61-year-old Glenwood Springs woman called police after finding that her 1954 Martin guitar, which her grandfather gave her about 50 years ago, was missing.

She suspected that a housemate and close friend, a 20-year-old man, had stolen the guitar, as he was the only one who knew about the guitar and how much it was worth. She estimated the guitar was worth between $3,000 and $5,000.

He moved out at the end of January and had been suffering from depression. The two were also close enough that she allowed him to come and go as he pleased at the house, she told police.

“(He) would play with the guitar and has been going through an obsessive phase of buying and selling guitars,” she told police.

He later showed back up at the house, saying he’d taken the guitar to a shop to have it restored as a present to the woman. But when she called the guitar shop, the owner said the young man had exchanged it for $1,400 in music equipment. Since then, the shop had put about $600 of repairs into the instrument and sold it for $2,200.

He was arrested Feb. 25 on charges of felony and misdemeanor theft, and the woman confirmed Friday that she was able to recover the guitar.

Woman barred from Wal-Mart arrested on burglary

Rifle police were called by Wal-Mart’s asset protection Feb. 28 because a 21-year-old woman was trespassing on the property. She was restricted from Wal-Mart’s property from 2014. Officers arrived, and after they spotted the young woman outside, she bolted, according to a police report.

They chased her to a nearby Little Caesars Pizza, where she was arrested on active warrants.

Officers found a purse nearby where they initially spotted her. Inside were various products with tags still attached. The purse also still had a tag, and all these items were confirmed as stolen, totaling about $175 worth of merchandise.

The woman said other people had sent her into Wal-Mart to steal.

She was arrested on charges of second-degree burglary, a felony, and misdemeanor charges of theft and obstructing a peace officer.

Woman picks up trespassing, drug charges

Rifle police were called to the Gateway Lodge on Feb. 21 for reports that a woman had trespassed on the property.

The 39-year-old woman was a former tenant at the Gateway Lodge who had two “no trespass orders” for the property. She received the first in July but was arrested in August for violating it, and therefore received a second.

On Feb. 21, the owner saw her going to a guest’s room and confronted her, saying that she had been told repeatedly that she could not be on the property. She then initially left but later came back to the office area.

She left with a decorative wooden wheel she insisted was hers, after shoving the owner several times to get to it, according to a report. The owner told authorities that she had gone crazy on him.

A warrant was issued for her arrest, charging second-degree burglary, a felony, misdemeanor second-degree trespass, and petty offense theft.

She was arrested Feb. 23 in Rifle after a traffic stop. But first she was taken to the hospital, complaining of stomach pains. A white Ritalin pill, a schedule II controlled substance, was on the bed where she had been sitting. She didn’t have a Ritalin prescription.

She was then also arrested on a drug felony of possession of a controlled substance.

Rowdy bar patron found with cocaine

Rifle police responded to a disturbance at Big Kids Corner Bar early in the morning Feb. 19.

The bartender told police that a 20-year-old man was harassing and yelling a multiple people in the bar, trying to start fights. She told him to leave several times but he refused.

An officer coming upon the scene saw him leaving the bar and yelling something back into the building. He appeared to be under the influence, as he couldn’t walk straight, according to the officer.

He later claimed that he was never in the bar.

He was resistant when officers tried to place him under arrest, and officers had to take him to the ground. He eventually complied.

Officers found a small purple tube of cocaine on him. At the jail, officers also found a small bag of a white substance suspected to be cocaine in his wallet.

He was arrested on charges of possession of a controlled substance, a drug felony, along with second-degree trespass, resisting arrest and criminal possession of an identification document, all misdemeanors.

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