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Woman dragged from hotel by the neck

Ryan Summerlin

An employee of the Affordable Inns in Glenwood Springs was arrested on a felony charge after telling police that he dragged a pestering woman out of the lobby by the throat.

Glenwood officers got the call on the afternoon of Sept. 20. A 41-year-old woman reported that the “manager tried to strangle her,” according to an affidavit.

When police arrived, a 44-year-old man behind the counter told an officer that the woman had come into the hotel looking for another employee, who was not there. The man asked her to leave several times.

He went and opened the door and kept asking her to leave, but she would not. He told police that he then “placed both hands around the female’s neck, and dragged her out of the reception area, outside the doors and made her leave,” according to an arrest report.

He went and opened the door and kept asking her to leave, but she would not. He told police that he then “placed both hands around the female’s neck, and dragged her out of the reception area, outside the doors and made her leave,” according to an arrest report.

She told officers that he dragged her outside and shook her, according to the report.

He said that he began to dial police before things got physical, but he didn’t know why he didn’t end up calling, according to police. Asked why he didn’t escort her by the arm instead, he said, “I don’t know, she pushed my buttons and I lost it.” He said that she was never aggressive toward him, but nevertheless she wouldn’t leave.

Outside the woman was crying and shaking. She had reddening around her neck, an officer reported. The woman was hoarse, her throat hurt and it felt like she had a lump in her throat, which made officers fear that she may have an internal injury.

The man was arrested on felony second-degree assault-strangulation.

ex arrested on menacing

A 34-year-old woman called law enforcement the afternoon of Sept. 20, saying her ex-husband forced his way into the house and made threatening gestures with a firearm.

The 37-year-old ex-husband went to her house outside of Glenwood Springs to get some of his property. She had piled up his stuff outside the front door. When he got there, he grabbed a picture frame from the stack and smashed it on the ground at her feet, saying that it wasn’t his, the woman told sheriff’s personnel.

She then went into the house and started to close the door. She told him he needed to go, but he pushed the door open and pushed past his ex-wife, she told a deputy.

He grabbed a rifle that was on top of the entertainment center. He then went toward her and “raised the butt of the gun up into the air and then ‘jabbed’ it at her face,” according to the deputy.

The ex-husband said, “You have no idea how bad I want to hurt you right now,” the woman told deputies. The man later told a deputy that the frame had fallen off the stack, that he had asked permission to come into the home and that he had not done anything to his ex-wife.

Nevertheless, he was arrested on felony menacing, felony first-degree trespass and misdemeanor criminal mischief. Domestic violence was added as a sentence enhancer.

Jailed woman charged with hitting disabled inmate

A 36-year-old woman incarcerated at the Garfield County jail was charged with crimes against an at-risk adult after reportedly striking a wheelchair-bound inmate.

The assault occurred when the female inmates had been eating breakfast. Security footage showed a 36-year-old female inmate point her utensil at another female inmate in a wheelchair and say something.

The 40-year-old woman in the wheelchair then nodded her head and said something back. Deputies would gather that the two were shouting obscenities at one another, the 36-year-old calling the older woman a “dirty … rat.”

“I then observed [the 36-year-old] grab her brown cup of coffee, throw the coffee at [the other inmate], stand up, walk over, and proceed to strike [the woman] on the left side of her face with the coffee cup.” She reportedly struck the woman in the wheelchair twice.

The 40-year-old woman later told the deputy that the two of them have a lot of history and that the 36-year-old blames her for a lot of things, including that she was in jail, according to an affidavit. Near her left eye were two small lacerations, the deputy reported.

The wheelchair-bound woman had muscular dystrophy and had been in a wheelchair the past 15 years. She had also had a double-hip replacement surgery.

The 36-year-old woman “stated that it was the fault of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office detentions staff that they were placed together on the same floor and that [the other woman] should be placed in a different area due to her disability restriction to a wheelchair.”

The jail’s inmate list shows both women in jail on failure to comply/failure to pay.

The 36-year-old was arrested on felony crimes against an at-risk adult and misdemeanor third-degree assault.

Woman arrested with meth, paraphernalia

Parachute police arrested a 46-year-old woman at a hotel Monday afternoon after finding a loaded syringe and numerous paraphernalia items in her room. Officers were initially looking for a man she was staying with. They believed him to be connected to another loaded syringe found in a room where he was staying.

The woman told officers that a syringe they found in her room belonged to the man, and that she does not shoot methamphetamine but rather smokes it, according to an affidavit. She allowed them to search the room and said there were no drugs.

In her backpack, officers found another syringe. They found eight more in a night stand, one of them loaded with methamphetamine.

In another night stand was another syringe and two folding knives with burnt residue consistent with methamphetamine, according to police. In another backpack were four glass meth pipes. In another bag was a butane torch, “commonly used to melt drugs in devices like spoons,” an officer wrote.

“Underneath the bathroom sink a small black pouch was found with nine additional meth pipes, a straw, and other items like Q-tips and metal rods which are frequently used to clean meth pipes,” the officer wrote.

She was arrested on charges of felony possession of methamphetamine and petty offense possession of drug paraphernalia.

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