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Editor Column: On the road, again

Sometime after starting here I developed the habit of leaving a tacky handwritten note on the office door when I was out for the day. Not off work, but out working. People do stop by occasionally.

Leaving a brief explanation with a number to call seemed like the right thing to do in those instances. Perhaps it was laziness or my thrifty tendency preventing me from sending our Scotch tape budget through the roof, but I’ve left the sign on the door for a several months now.

Several people have ribbed me about it’s appearance (I’ll be the first to admit it looks tacky), but accessibility is more important than beauty.

The sign will once again serve its useful purpose, potentially, Friday when I, and several others, hit the road for the Colorado Press Association annual convention in Lakewood. My predecessor, in cleverly comedic fashion, wrote about this experience last year when the conference was in February.

I had my own hair-raising experience last year, but it occurred on the drive back (her excitement occurred on the drive to the conference). Having spent the past eight months regularly driving from Rifle to Salida, no trip has yet to compare to the trek from Denver to Salida in white-out conditions coming home from the 2015 conference.

The National Weather Service shows warmer temperatures and sunshine — fingers crossed.

This year’s conference is notably different in several ways. First, I have the honor of possibly bringing home a few awards for The Citizen.

Some friends and colleagues who are more familiar with being nominated for awards say whichever group decides these things is being much more secretive this year, so it will remain a surprise until Saturday night.

Personally, awards do not mean a whole lot to me. It’s all so subjective. One could always make the case, as with any other recognition, that someone or some organization has been overlooked or cheated. Although I would never deny that awards are nice, I don’t feel they are needed to validate the work done on a day to day basis.

With that said, I would be proud to hang some more recent hardware in the office, and I am hoping not to come home empty handed.

Aside from the awards and fancy dinner, this conference is an opportunity to learn what others are thinking and doing in this rapidly changing industry. That, more so than anything else, is what I enjoy most about these sorts of functions, which probably does not come as a surprise to those who have to stare at me during the hours of public meetings for this board or that council.

Approaching this year’s convention from the standpoint of an editor, as opposed to an over-worked reporter looking for a weekend in the big city, is the other glaring difference.

I predict much less time will be spent at the hotel bar this year compared to last year.

I’d be lying, though, if I framed this coming weekend as an entirely studious endeavor. I will of course be taking phone calls, checking emails, writing and engaging in other work-related activities, so call or send a message if you need to reach me.

I’ll spare you the sight of my hideous “out of the office” sign.

Ryan Hoffman is editor at The Citizen Telegram. You can reach him at 970-685-2103 or at rhoffman@citizentelegram.com.

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