Finding inspiration by creating it |

Finding inspiration by creating it

Sara Gallagher
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Sara Gallagher
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Have you ever talked yourself out of something before you’ve barely even began it?

Well as my dear friend Ellen Zagoras put it, “inspiration comes from perspiration.” The inspiration will come through the process of actually working.

Now of course, what drives you to “show up to the pages” in the first place is likely a form of inspiration from external forces. However, the inspiration to truly create breeds once you immerse yourself in the pages.

This is not a thinking matter. It’s tapping into what is already there, waiting to be accessed.

Taking baby steps is almost always necessary — so if you’re a novice at a particular interest of yours then you haven’t put in the work yet. There are savants in this world, yes. Are they the minority? Absolutely.

Give yourself some grace, along with a kick in the butt to put in the work for the things you truly want to create in your life.

May this be that musical instrument you’ve had in your closet for years; or the set of paint brushes as pristine as the day you purchased them; or the pair of skis hanging high in your garage.

Starting is hard, but sometimes giving yourself permission to start is even harder, so give yourself permission. If you need to hear it from someone else then I give you permission. Start. Today? Yes.

Live your desires; pursue your interests; and find your inspiration by creating it yourself. Just do it. You may like it.

Sara Gallagher is the special events director at the Bookcliffs Arts Center. She can be reached at

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