Fiscus looks to educate on the recycle center |

Fiscus looks to educate on the recycle center

New Landfill Manager Deb Fiscus hopes to educate Rifle on the proper techniques and value of the recycle center.
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After working for the county at both the landfill and Garfield County Road and Bridge, Deb Fiscus has been named the new landfill manager, thus taking over control of the recycle center in Rifle. She hopes to help educate the community of the proper disposal practices at the recycle center as she sees it as a necessity for any small town.

“I think the recycling is great for both the environment and the life of the landfill,” she explained. “It’s going to be a lot of fun and plenty of challenges ahead.”

One of the challenges Fiscus will be ensuring that the public uses the center correctly. As of the summer, signs have been put up in front of the dumpsters at the recycling center informing residents and those that use the center that if too many loads continue to be contaminated the center will have to close down. Fiscus hopes to she to fix this problem after taking over, but reiterates that load after load cannot continue to be contaminated.

“When it comes down to the bottom line, if the load is contaminated it goes to the landfill,” she added. “We will need public support to make an unmanned recycling center work.”

Renellle Lott, Chief Communications Officer for Garfield County, said that the signs are an effort to get people’s attention to sort well and only submit recyclable items.

The sign gives residents the warning to “Save the recycle center” and that “an increased number of rejected loads will force the recycle center to shut down.”

Many of the loads taken from the recycling center must instead be taken to the landfill because people throw materials like Styrofoam in them or use plastic bags to dispose of their bottles or aluminum cans.

Fiscus believes that a little bit more public education will solve most of the problems because the public is in favor of the recycling center, but proper disposal techniques may not be public knowledge.

“The plan is to get the word out,” she said. “We would like to make and hand out pamphlets at common areas informing people of what you can and can’t throw away at the recycling center.”

It’s been several years since the recycle center originally opened in Rifle and now with Fiscus in charge it will hopefully remain open for many years to come. With Fiscus now with the landfill, Wyatt Keesbery will take over as the new Garfield County Road and Bridge Director.

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