From the Publisher: Looking at ourselves |

From the Publisher: Looking at ourselves

This week, your CT/PI team is doing a self-examination of content. We will step back and try to understand what content you want to see that we’ve missed. Or what content you read and say to yourself, “enough already!”

Coming back fresh, my blinders are off. We all end up with a set of blinders if we do the same thing over and over again for years. I think our team does a pretty good job. At the same time, I’m cursed with this sense of never being satisfied and believe we can always do better.

Most importantly, I would like to know what you would like to see in your newspapers. I have my own ideas. What is happening this weekend that I just don’t want to miss? A stronger arts and entertainment section would help me make some interesting choices.

We tend to miss many great features about you or someone you know. I met Chris at Juicy Lucy’s the other night. Chris is a transplant from St. Louis, Mo. who always wanted to be a “ski bum” for a while before he got seriously down to life. He received a full college scholarship for swimming at a Division 1 college and now gives lessons to kids at the recreation center in Glenwood Springs. He’ll be working at the ski schools in Snowmass and Sunlight this winter. He has a story that I think you would find interesting. A philosophy and history major, he has a refreshing view of the world.

As a newspaper, government, schools and businesses with good public relations departments make our life easy, although not all of the stories they provide are of interest. I will encourage our reporters to look for the story behind the story. For example, what does the big bridge controversy mean to you or me as a local resident and/or business? Without bias, we need to dig deep and understand the truth and reality of the various options. That’s a tough task, although it is a task you should expect us to complete thoroughly and accurately.

We have been accused of reporting with an agenda. If true, Managing Editor Drew Munro and I will eliminate that problem. Agendas or bias should and will only appear in our opinion pages. If you disagree with our opinion, we encourage you to write yours and it will be published. Of course, no libel, please.

Over the coming months, we will be seeking regular features from a variety of members of our community. Whether it is a government official, a high school student or someone from the business community, we hope to provide more voices in your newspapers. Let us know if this is something you would like to explore.

Send me your ideas for a better newspaper by e-mailing me at While I can’t make promises, we will do our best.

Michael Bennett is the publisher of The Citizen Telegram and Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

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