Graham Mesa shows learning can happen anywhere |

Graham Mesa shows learning can happen anywhere

Jerimie Richardson
Citizen Telegram Contributor
From left to right are: Arianna Lerma, a kindergarten student at Graham Mesa; Delicia Lerma, the two girls’ mother; and Yubia Lerma, a fourth grade student at Graham Mesa.
Jerimie Richardson / Citizen Telegram Contributor |

Graham Mesa Elementary hosted the fourth annual Math Night at City Market Thursday, Jan. 21.

The event, which is hosted in partnership with City Market, is part of Graham Mesa’s “Learning Can Happen Anywhere” initiative.

Margaret Hesse, a third-grade teacher at Graham Mesa, explained that “(Learning Can Happen Anywhere) creates a partnership between the school and the community and … involves the parent in their child’s education.”

Stephanie Hernandez Whitman, an assistant manager at City Market who has helped coordinate every Math Night, praised the event for “bringing together teachers and students in a real life environment,” she said.

Math Night took place between 5 and 7 p.m. Upon arrival at City Market, each student, accompanied by a parent or guardian, reported to their home room teachers. Then the students were given a work sheet for an age and grade appropriate activity involving food shopping and math.

The kindergarten and first-grade students were given a work sheet where they were asked to graph the fruits in the produce section according to color.

Fourth-grade students were given a hypothetical budget of $100 to plan their own fourth-grade graduation celebration dinner.

Sam Mills, who has worked in the deli for four years, enjoys Math Night.

“We (the City Market employees) love it,” Mills said. “They (the students) always make us a thank-you poster with their little hand prints painted on it.”

Mills admits that the deli counter is a little slow during the event, because elementary school aged children don’t necessarily equate deli meats and cheeses with successful party planning.

Still, Mills says that the he does try to help the students who do approach him with their party planning strategy.

“If you want to get an A plus,” Mills tells the kids, “don’t buy (prepared) cinnamon rolls, buy the ingredients and make them yourself.”

Yubia Lerma, a Graham Mesa fourth grader, attended Math Night with her sister Arianna, who is a kindergartner at Graham Mesa. Yubia said she only planned on spending $75 of her hypothetical budget so she could use the extra money for future parties.

Delicia Lerma, the girls’ mother, liked that the event introduced her kids to basic life skills.

“It gives kids a taste of what parents go through when they go food shopping,” she said.

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