Grand River Gallop draws “superheroes” to Rifle |

Grand River Gallop draws “superheroes” to Rifle

The Grand River Gallop got underway on Saturday, April 5, with the eventual winner, 13-year-old Tyler Scholl (143), leading the way. Terry Dion (32) of Rifle matches Scholl’s start. The event raised nearly $16,000 for the Grand River Meals on Wheels program.
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Grand River Gallop results

Saturday, April 5, in Rifle

1. Tyler Scholl, Kremmling, 17:00; 2. Josh Hejtmanek, New Castle, 17:43; 3. Zachariah Robinson, Rifle, 20:07; 4. Amy Rollins, Carbondale, 20:10; 5. Ed Murray, New Castle, 20:30; 6. Candeleno Deloera, Rifle, 20:53; 7. Shaun Scholl, 20:58; 8. Bob Byram, Silt, 21:05; 9. Ron Lund, Basalt, 21:09; 10. Gustavo Olivas, 21:24.

11. Stephenie Scholl, Kremmling, 21:24; 12. Alex Tapia, Rifle, 21:34; 13. Johnny Utah, Glenwood Springs, 22:28; 14. Tyler Cronkite, Rifle, 23:28; 15. Kelly Sarno, Glenwood Springs, 24:16; 16. Daniel Lemoine, Rifle, 24:22; 17. Stephanie Barnett, Rifle, 24:38; 18. Carrie Rousseau, Glenwood Springs, 24:47; 19. Ashton Wilcox, Rifle, 24:54; 20. Terry Dion, Rifle, 25:06.

21. Satomi Gerdes, New Castle, 25:30; 22. Kevin Alvey, Rifle, 25:30; 23. Kim Potter, Rifle, 25:34; 24. Cherri Murray, New Castle, 25:35; 25. Jonathan Graf, 25:40; 26. Brenda Deloera, Rifle, 25:41; 27. Stacy Pemberton, New Castle, 26:01; 28. Angela Carter, Rifle, 26:24; 29. Joe Mollica, Glenwood Springs, 26:32; 30. Erin Muck, New Castle, 26:37.

31. Eileen Wysocki, New Castle, 26:40; 32. Casey Walter, Silt, 26:42; 33. Laura Bahr, Glenwood Springs, 26:50; 34. Shantz Nichol, Glenwood Springs, 27:02; 35. Erin C. Alfstad, Glenwood Springs, 27:06; 36. David Pruett, Rifle, 27:30; 37. Emily Bessette, Rifle, 27:32; 38. Lisa Jones, New Castle, 27:49; 39. Karisa Coombs, Rifle, 28:09; 40. Chris Bonrogi, Glenwood Springs, 28:18.

41. Glenn Hammond, Rifle, 28:29; 42. Kristine Coombs, Rifle, 28:37; 43. Yancy Nichol. Glenwood Springs, 28:46 ; 44. Cody Elder, De Beque, 29:03; 45. Michael Pazzin, New Castle, 29:06; 46. John Klausz, Rifle, 29:15; 47. Lily McCann Klausz, Rifle, 29:17; 48. Drew Suits, Rifle, 29:22; 49. Eileen Degwer, Rifle, 29:47; 50. Makenna Pruett, Rifle, 30:00.

Over 200 runners, walkers and gawkers participated in the 15th annual Grand River Gallop Super Hero 5K Run/2K Walk on Saturday, April 5, at Grand River Health in Rifle. The course was full of super hero runners from Wonder Woman to Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man and the Hulk.

The gallop raised almost $16,000 for Grand River Meals on Wheels of Western Garfield County, which delivers over 1,000 meals a month to elderly, disabled and recovering people in New Castle, Silt, Rifle, Parachute and Battlement Mesa. The race also benefits the Stayin’ Alive basic CPR training program and is the second of the Colorado River Valley Charity Race Series, in which runners accumulate points based on their times in their respective age groups.

The overall 5K winner was 13-year-old Tyler Scholl of Kremmling with a time of 17:00. For the women, Amy Rollins was first to cross the 5K finish line, with a time of 20:12. The youngest participant was seven-month-old Justice Barbata of Rifle, who crossed the finish line in his stroller. The most mature participant was Viola Huber, 80, of Glenwood Springs, who completed the entire 5K.

Grand River Meals On Wheels delivered over 13,000 meals to people and over 6,000 meals to their pets during 2013, with the help of almost 100 volunteers.

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