Guest column: Why I am running for county commissioner |

Guest column: Why I am running for county commissioner

Aron Diaz
Candidate, Garfield County District 2
Aron Diaz
Staff Photo |

Friends and fellow Republicans,

On initial inspection, one may wonder why I would seek the office of Garfield County commissioner.

On paper, it would appear that things are going well. The county is debt free, has a number of new projects in development and financial reserves are at an all time high.

Additionally, from a purely self-interested partisan perspective, all three commissioner districts are held by Republicans.

However, you don’t need to look far to notice the hardship many families and businesses are experiencing due to the downturn in oil and gas production.

I am running for several reasons. First on the list is economic diversification. I believe the county can no longer wait for economic conditions to improve. We need to aggressively pursue every opportunity available to court business to Garfield County.

We need to engage our existing businesses to see what action can be taken to improve the business climate in order to assist them in improving their prospects for growing their businesses and hiring more people if possible.

We need to leverage the economic strength of the county to lower obstacles of entry for companies to start, relocate or grow a business in Garfield County.

It is my belief that the government that is closest to us should be the most active because it is the most responsive and accountable to the people. For too long, we have allowed the state and federal governments to meet the needs of our citizens.

When we do this, those entities write the rules we must abide by to receive the money and services they provide. I plan to put the resources of the county to work for you so that at future based in our own self-determination can be a reality — a future as free from state and federal interference and manipulation as possible.

Every freedom of self-determination comes with it the necessity of responsible self-government. I intend to make the county government responsive and responsible to its citizens; meeting the unique challenges and barriers to economic growth we face here in Garfield County.

To accomplish this, we need the help of every citizen of Garfield County. I will always look for common solutions to our common challenges.

We are not at war with members of our own community. I was raised in a Republican Party that reserved the term “evil” for an empire that enslaved its subjects behind an Iron Curtain, not for neighbors who ascribed to different opinions.

I learned what it meant to be a Republican working with Colorado Speaker of the House Russell George, Sen. Wayne Allard, Rep. Bob Schaffer and Gov. Bill Owens. I was taught that I could put my trust in a Grand Party whose vision of the future was a banner — painted in bold, unmistakable colors — and that this vision was one where most Americans saw their future and felt welcome.

I still believe in this vision of the Grand Old Party! If you do too, I ask that you join me in resurrecting this vision and presenting its values to the next generation of citizens of this county.

If you would like to support this vision and my candidacy please attend your precinct caucus on Tuesday, March 1, at 6 p.m.

Bring your Republican friends with you. Ask to be delegates to the Republican County Assembly on Saturday, March 12.

Cast your vote for your choice for the future of Garfield County. Your vote matters and we cannot wait or put this responsibility on others. I respectfully ask for your support and vote for Garfield County commissioner.

I thank you for your consideration.

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