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Having a smashing good time on the way to the press awards

We’ve had wonderfully warm weather here in Colorado so far this winter, until the arctic BLAST decided to move in this last weekend.

And of all weekends, it just happened to arrive at the same time as the Colorado Press Association awards ceremony.

Normally, we would have left to make the three-hour trip to Denver early on a Saturday morning, in time to catch a few of the educational seminars and then the awards banquet. But because of the looming storm, we decided to leave earlier. Like, a day earlier. Like, more than 24 hours.

But we live in Colorado, right? So we’re used to inclement weather and winter driving conditions.

“Crap,” was the only word that I could think of. OK, it was much worse than “crap,” but you get my drift…”


On this trip, my editor was driving with his wife in the front seat, while another reporter and I sat in the back. And although the weather conditions were not ideal (i.e., it sucks to be the driver!), we were traveling at a slow, safe speed as we headed over the passes.


One never really gets used to the sound of metal crashing on metal, and I turned around and noticed that we had just been majorly rear-ended by a big ol’ truck.

“Crap,” was the only word that I could think of. OK, it was much worse than “crap,” but you get my drift…

We all jumped out of the car to assess the damage, although it dawned on me that the other danger was of us all being taken out by passing vehicles…

“Ummm, dude…I don’t think you have any tail lights left,” I said, using my best I-know-anything-about-cars voice.

He ignored me, as he rightfully should have.

Thankfully, the car had a little hatchback which had all of our stuff in it, and miraculously we were uninjured. Had there not been the hatchback space, I do believe we would have been going to the funeral home instead of the Westin Hotel for the CPA awards…

I called Husband-Head to relay the news.

“We were in an accident, but everyone is OK,” I reported. “I don’t know how OK his car is, but physically, everyone is conscious and nobody is bleeding.”

Husband-Head was happy about that.

When we finally got to our destination in downtown Denver, I was starving. So after checking in, I walked across the parking lot to one of the chain restaurants and ordered myself a steak and cheese sandwich.

Bad idea.

Just a couple of hours later, I felt like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”

Not only was I sick, but I was several hours away from home being sick. This was not how a fun, joyous, pick-up-your reward thing was supposed to go.

I wanted to be next to the bathroom, not the bar…

But after a few hours of rest, I seemed to have recuperated somewhat and went downstairs to join my colleagues for dinner.

I’m pretty sure they weren’t even aware that I was missing in the first place,

Despite the bad weather and the bad beef, we had a fun time at the ceremony, winning nearly a dozen awards.

The weather was still bad on the way home, but like good Colorado people, we made it through.

And once home, I put on some music, kicked off my shoes and decided to enjoy some relaxing time reviewing our car insurance policy…

Heidi Rice is the editor of the Citizen Telegram. Her column appears every week.

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