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Elementary students’ thoughts on homework

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Bailey Samson.

In the spirit of free and open debate, Highland Elementary fourth-grade students were asked whether or not they should have to do work. The Citizen Telegram will be posting some of their responses throughout the year. Here is what Bailey Samson and Lilian Jackson had to say on the subject:

Bailey Samson

Although some people believe homework is not important, it may actually be agreed that homework is very important. Homework helps students better understand math, science, and other complex subjects. School homework is important so test scores will rise. Plus kids don’t do much after school, and homework helps parents know what their students are learning in math social studies, and science.

Along with that most school test scores have dropped. This happens because of decrease or loss of homework. An article I read asks this question, “How can parents complain about too much homework if their children aren’t scoring well on tests?” For example, in math class if I did do my homework I would most likely have a higher score. I know this because in the second grade we had homework and I got better in my weaknesses. Now we do not have homework, and I struggle a little bit at things I don’t quite understand.

Second, with no homework kids sit in front of the television. In an article I read, most kids spend their free time watching television and playing video games. Also, kids will get fat because they lack exercise and usually play video games. This tells me the number of overweight children will increase.

Finally, homework helps parents know what their students are learning. An article written by a father says, “homework helps me know what she is learning at school.” After sports practice is a great time to relax and do your homework. I know this because last year every night after basketball practice I would sit on the couch and do my homework.

Some people feel that homework is boring. In reality, however, I believe homework is very important for these three reasons. Homework is a very good after school activity.

Lillian Jackson

Should we have homework? No we should not. We shouldn’t have homework because in high school it could be over two hours of doing homework a night and we won’t have enough time to run around. We shouldn’t have homework so we can spend time with our family, so kids can exercise, and kids might already know what they are reviewing.

To begin, family is more important than homework. If parents are working and one day they are off, but their kid is doing homework, then the child won’t be able to spend time with their family. If kids don’t spend time with them, they won’t have a relationship with them.

Also, kids won’t be able to exercise enough to run around because they have homework. If kids have homework, they won’t be able to go outside and play and explore the world.

Finally, kids might already know what they are doing. If kids know what they are doing on the homework then it might be very easy in class and they won’t focus and may get in trouble.

In conclusion, we should not have homework. Exercise is more important. We need to take action into our hands and try to take homework away from schools.

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