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‘I just want to keep people safe,’ lifesaving New Castle officer says

Kara Warby
Post Independent Correspondent
New Castle Mayor Art Riddile congratulates police Sgt. Chuck Burrows on his Colorado State Patrol Life Saving Award.
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NEW CASTLE — Cops don’t just arrest people. They save them, too.

New Castle Police Chief Tony Pagni at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting awarded Sgt. Chuck Burrows the Colorado State Patrol Life Saving Award.

Burrows, Officer Brian Dominguez and four volunteers were credited with saving Ruben Quintero after a traffic accident in August.

Burrows and Dominguez were called to the rollover accident on Interstate 70 just before midnight Aug. 14. Quintero, the driver and only occupant of the car, was pinned by the head and shoulders underneath the cab of his overturned truck. When Burrows and Dominguez arrived, Quintero was unresponsive and not breathing.

“Corporal Burrows was able to get ahold of four citizens,” said Chief Pagni. “Officer Dominguez and [citizens] were able to flip the vehicle over and get it off the driver … he immediately became alert and started talking.”

Once EMS and the Fire Department arrived, Quintero was freed from his vehicle using the Jaws of Life rescue tool, and was then taken to Valley View Hospital. Though Quintero sustained injuries to his arm and head, he is now home making a steady recovery.

“It was such a well-done deed,” Pagni said. “Without Burrow’s actions, [Quintero] would have passed.”

Dominguez gave the initial recommendation in a memo to Chief Pagni to nominate Burrows for the CSP award. Dominguez said Burrows’ quick and sound execution of the rescue led him to recommend the commendation.

“He was very solid in his decision making,” said Dominguez. “There was no hesitation … he made a plan and followed through with it.”

In addition to receiving the award, Burrows was promoted to sergeant.

He has been with the New Castle Police Department for only about two years, but his peers had nothing but good things to say about Burrows’ work performance and efforts.

“He’s someone I really look up to,” said Dominguez. “When we get into a mess, he stands behind us and he’s just really great to work with … he has good guidance.”

Burrows said he was only doing his job.

“I don’t go out seeking awards or recognition,” he said. “I just want to keep people safe. I don’t feel like I’ve done anything special, it’s just in the course of my duty.”

For Burrows, the saving of a life is enough reward for him. The sergeant said he was proud to have received the CSP award, but that it was nothing in comparison to seeing someone get to live another day.

“That’s the part you feel good about. It’s not like a piece of paper or a ribbon you pin on your chest,” said Burrows. “That doesn’t mean much to me. It’s knowing you can go out there and make a difference. That’s the reward that we really get.”

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