Insurance Insight: The time for spring cleaning is here |

Insurance Insight: The time for spring cleaning is here

Susan Nichols-Alvis
Insurance Insight
Susan Nichols-Alvis

It’s spring clean-up time!

Have you had a chance to do any spring cleaning? This means different things to different people. Your shed, yard, home, car, attic, the list goes on. As you go through this ruminative process, why not apply it to your insurance? Did you recently purchase a riding lawn mower? Pay off your car? Inherit grandma’s antiques or grandpa’s firearms? Give your insurance professional a call.

Speaking of cleaning, it’s time to review your surroundings for safety hazards and upkeep. New smoke detectors and filters, for instance. Clearing out gutters might help keep spring showers from cascading into your basement or crawl space. Visit your fire extinguishers and second floor chain ladders, if applicable.

Your car. Ah, your beloved car. Check your fluids, restock any emergency gear, and change out snow tires. Maybe wait another few weeks on the latter. It IS Colorado, after all.

Spring clean your paper work. Are updated vehicle registrations and insurance ID cards in each of your vehicles? What about your UTV or motorcycle? Have you read your most recent homeowners declarations page? If you have time, at least skim the first few pages of it. Check coverages as well as the mortgage company and loan number.

Now is the time to simplify things. Keeping your policies with one company or one agency will help with this. Most companies will allow all of your vehicles be on one policy. Some also allow your recreational vehicles on the same policy, or at least with the same company. And in today’s technological world, there’s no need to save previous years’ worth of policies. Keep the current year, shred older docs, and look to your insurance professional to provide older copies if necessary. Or even better, consider going paperless, both billing and document delivery.

Here’s to May flowers. See you on the trail!

Susan Nichols-Alvis is the owner of Nichols Insurance Agency in Rifle. You can reach her at 970-625-0411 or visit

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