Kenda Spaulding named new admin director at E. Dene Moore Care Center |

Kenda Spaulding named new admin director at E. Dene Moore Care Center

Kenda Spaulding

Grand River Hospital District recently named Kenda Spaulding as the administrative director of long term care at E. Dene Moore Care Center in Rifle.

For the past few years Spaulding served as the administrative director at E. Dene Moore, according to a press release. She took over as the interim director following the departure of Dustin Dodson earlier this year.

Spaulding is a licensed health care administrator with an education and background in organizational psychology. She received her bachelor’s degree in fine arts and in psychology from Colorado Mesa University, and her graduate studies in organizational psychology through Colorado State University.

She currently serves at the state level on two health-care committees: the educational committee and quality initiatives in leadership committee with the Colorado Health Care Association. At a national level, Spaulding serves on the nonprofit committee in Washington D.C. with the American Health Care Association.

She is one of 25 health-care leaders selected from around the country to receive a leadership award that involves additional training and legislative duties in Washington, D.C. Spaulding has been selected to present on a variety of health care topics at the state and national level.

Work with frail and elderly patients has been of special interest to her because the population has little say in determining their health care environment, and stands to benefit greatly from innovative work in health care.

In its release, Grand River Health welcomed Spaulding and said she would be an asset to the organization.

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