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Letter: Rifle rec center tax too much

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Rec center tax a bad idea

Recently, it was mentioned Rifle’s sales tax for a recreation center would only add one cent to a cup of coffee. Right now, a cup of coffee is $2 to $3 a cup. Right now, the tax is actually 16 to 25 cents per cup. Gee, that doesn’t seem like much. When you go to the grocery store, your dollar is worth only 88 cents. The incredible shrinking dollar.

I still haven’t figured out why the city is so determined to own and operate everything in Rifle. Of course, when they are spending someone else’s money, it must be pretty easy to let contracts and tax the people some more. How many will be able to afford to use the facility after paying for it? How many would want to?

You pay for it and then pay to use it. We sure don’t need a property tax added, either.

I am asking everyone to join with me in voting no on the recreation center sales tax hike.

Jan Walker


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