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Letter to the editor

Please accept my congratulations to the voters of the city of Rifle. You now have four women on the council and that is a majority. Some will say that that is not good. When I had to ask for help, I would most always appoint a women. I found that they would most always get the job done.

This new council will have to work together very quickly. Do not be ashamed if you do not understand the subject. Above all, do not be the person that lets someone else ask the hard question for you. They may have a different view than you have. You three women and your family should be very proud of your election.

You have had eight women that have been elected before you — starting with Matte Fulton, Mollie Regan, Beth Bascom, Lynda Walker, Jennet Thomson, Vickie Choate, Jenifer Sanborn and Barb Clifton, who is now serving. Let’s not forget you three new ones: Annick Pruett, Theresa Hamilton and Dana Wood.

Our first council women Mattie Fulton stood up to the founding fathers and passed an ordinance to rename some of Rifle’s old street that where named after them. It stated that the streets should be numerical and the avenues would be changed to be named after such things as trees, flowers and things other than a person’s name.

The names would be continuous, as the town would later be developed.

Some time latter, we had a new planner come to Rifle. There was a donated street that had not been tagged, but was a continuation of Ninth Street. It was suggested to name it after an elderly gentleman on the mesa. “Let us pacify the old man and name it after him.”

This street had been donated by three men, one of them was my father. So, I called them on it. I told them about the street ordinances and that they could not do it. To get rid of me, they passed a new one to get rid of the old one. They showed me that they had the power to do it. Remember that there is always someone that is looking and watching you. So, now we do not have an ordinance in how streets are named. This is why the delivery people and strangers have a problem in finding how to get around Rifle.

Please do not get yourself in this kind of a problem or situation, as you have taken the task of serving the people and not ruling them. You deserve the respect from the citizens by doing a good job and you will get it. I apologize if I went a little to far on this, but you did get some good history.

John B. Scalzo


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