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Marijuana in Parachute myths debunked

Marijuana in Parachute myth No. 1: “The schools in our town will receive a lot of money from the sales tax revenue of retail marijuana sales in Parachute.”

False for the following reasons:

1. Any school in the state can apply for money from the State’s Public School Capital Construction Assistance Fund (Article 43.7 of title 22, C.R.S.).

2. The money from the PSCCAF is to be used for capital projects for the school, (as per title of fund) and not day-to-day operations.

3. A school does not have to be located in a town which sells retail marijuana to apply for and receive these funds.

4. Ordinance 683 in Parachute says “6.11.310 Use of Sales Tax Revenue-Schools. The Board of Trustees will consider as part of its annual budgeting the use of up to 1 percent of sales tax revenue generated from retail marijuana establishments to address marijuana use in the town’s schools.” Therefore, if there was $1 million in sales of retail (recreational) marijuana in town, the tax revenue would be $31,500 and the schools could potentially receive $315. As noted by the “ will consider.” The board is not required to give any money at all to the school for any reason.

Marijuana in Parachute myth No. 2: “I use medical marijuana and will be able to purchase it in town.”

False for the following reasons:

1. The town is enticing only retail (recreational) marijuana to come into town.

2. Medical marijuana cannot be sold in a retail marijuana establishment by law.

3. There is no excise tax revenue for medical marijuana sales. Therefore, no tax money for medical marijuana sales goes to the Public School Capital Construction Assistance Fund.

Marijuana in Parachute myth No. 3: “When a vote happens, I can vote on the issue because my address is Parachute.”

False for the following reasons:

1. Only registered voters within the town limits of Parachute can vote on the issue.

2. If you go across the Colorado River to get to your home, you are out of the town limits for the town of Parachute with only a couple exceptions. Thus if you live on Battlement Mesa, you will not get to vote.

3. When we did our citizen initiated petition, there were 431 registered voters on our list.

Someone told me, “It’s only old people who live in Parachute who can vote then. And they are uninformed.” I ask you to review the information above and then ask yourself if you are truly informed.

Pam Jarrett, Let the People Vote


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