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Letters to the editor

Dangerous main street

Dear editor:

Most of my family members avoid driving down main street (Third Street between Railroad Avenue and East Avenue) in Rifle because it is dangerous.

Recently, I scanned an old photo which shows the main street of my childhood. My mother said, “Look at the size of the cars. This used to be the main highway through town, but it was easier to drive down then than it is now with all those big pickups.”

The wonderful main street of my youth is gone forever, and a main street that is too dangerous to drive down safely is not a good replacement. Why do we still have angle parking on main street? Why can’t we have a pedestrian mall or at least restrict parking to smaller vehicles?

You might think, “Oh, no, we need every parking spot on main street,” but the reality is that if people avoid a street because it’s so dangerous, then you’re losing customers.

Judy Crook


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