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Drilling is too close

Anger is building toward our three county commissioners, whose only interest in this area is promoting gas drilling now encroaching into the community of Battlement Mesa just yards from housing developments. Also proposed are two wells right next to the golf course. No, this area is not incorporated, but we are not a few scattered ranchers. Battlement Mesa and Parachute combined make up several thousand people in close proximity.

Instead of hiding in Glenwood Springs, I suggest the commissioners face people here on our own ground.

In spite of all the cover-ups and sweet talk, we know what chemicals are in use; we know the air is not clean; and the set-backs are not far enough. When you stare at a well barricade right across the street — that is not far enough. I doubt that medical records are being kept since commissioners canceled a health impact study for this area. I doubt that doctors have been asked to track disease trends even though there is a lot of respiratory illness and what seems to be elevated cancer rates.

I need to emphasize again that many were lured here with false advertising and with no disclosure as to drilling on the part of Realtors. Misled, trapped — and so many now have upside-down mortgages. We are furious over the escalating trend for elected officials from local to federal levels to just look down their noses and ignore the people they are supposed to represent. Every decision is attached to one huge dollar sign, but homeowners here see no benefit.

Participate in The Longevity Project

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As long as you don’t have to live here, drill, drill, drill.

Carol K. Abbott

Battlement Mesa

Serious concerns in Parachute

To the People of Parachute:

I would have you know that a serious miscarriage of justice happened at the town board meeting Thursday evening, Sept. 17. There were two public hearings that dealt with the license applications for new marijuana businesses in town. My comments are not about whether retail (recreational) marijuana business should happen in town but rather about the process that occurred.

Our citizen group had hard evidence with four non-compliances with Ordinance 683 for each applicant. The board ignored every one of them for the first hearing and were told by the mayor that if we were going to bring up the same thing for the second hearing, we could not speak. The board decisions were to grant the licenses in spite of these non-compliances. (I will note that trustees (Daniel) Manzanaras and (Tom) Rugaard voted against the first application and Manzanaras voted against the second. It is only fair to note those who did not vote with the others.)

There was a way for the board to say they would wait until another date to grant licenses when these non-compliance issues were fixed, but they chose to ignore some serious concerns of non-compliance to push through this decision.

Town board, you taught all the other future applicants that your own Ordinance 683 rules are not relevant and certainly do not need to be followed.

Many of you know I have worked tirelessly since June 26 to bring what is happening in our town to light. It has become a full-time job to the neglect of my own home-based business. Thankfully we have been successful in getting the issue to a vote of the people. While that will be November of 2016, we will get to vote!

We are at a standstill unless we get some more funding. We have a citizen group called Let The People Vote that can legally accept donations. Any money given one time $19.99 or under does not need to have your name reported in our records. If you would like to see me take this injustice before the court, you could mail a donation to Let The People Vote P.O. Box 2, Parachute, CO 81635. Our group has filed all the papers of accountability as an issue committee with the town so your donations will be used wisely.

Pam Jarrett


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