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Letters to the editor

Bleak future in Battlement

We were told to be speaking only about the issues at a recent hearing, and Ursa being a good, reputable company was not one of the issues. Many subcontractors spoke on the integrity of Ursa, but that was not an issue for this meeting. The pope could be drilling those wells and we still would not want them on our PUD. I believe it will have a devastating effect on residents being able to sell their property, also many other issues — air quality, noise, etc.

The PA system there is a complete joke. I realize my hearing is bad, but others complained it was very difficult to hear everyone who spoke. When they handed a microphone to Morgan Hill and her associate, I could easily hear them. As a taxpaying citizen, I find this unacceptable.

New York state has banned fracking, apparently they feel it’s unsafe and they do not need the revenue — that’s what it’s all about here and we are just collateral damage.

Energy companies make a point to tell the public that their employees live in the community also, but when they are through drilling and move on, the companies buy their employees homes and then the company writes it off as business expenses — win-win for them. The energy company that developed this PUD should be buying our houses — they probably have the lion’s share of the mineral rights here on Battlement Mesa and they pulled a dirty trick on us, as it wasn’t disclosed — recorded for many years that several pads had been approved from the beginning for this PUD.

As homeowners in Battlement Mesa, our future looks bleak — our Colorado dream has turned into a nightmare.

Evelyn A. Schaller


Help our helpers

A horrific fatal car crash on Oct. 26 still has me reeling in anguish, partly because of the loss of life, but also because of the memories of dealing with many disasters as an emergency medical technician.

Rolling with police and fire personnel, dispatch orders safety first — traffic control — then triage — assessing the surviving to get them help. First: Do no harm.

The problem is, figuring out how to access the dead and injured in a crushed automobile. For our heroic, noble rescuers, this is an engineering marvel. Nowadays, cordless Sawzalls help when there’s gasoline present.

My point is that we should be offering help to our helpers who endure so much emotional suffering while rendering care and aid. They often suffer and end up down the toilet, not knowing why. These men and women are of tremendous value to us all. Please join me in seeking counseling, (maybe only coffee and cookies from retired senior volunteers) to listen to their pain and to help a coalition to attend a legislative move toward helping our helpers.” What If?

Frank Breslin

New Castle

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