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Letters to the Editor – May 30, 2013

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Stop the madness

I am upset at the current direction our city is taking concerning spending, taxation and the proposed recreation center. The city of Rifle is entertaining the idea of a rec center, which I don’t have a problem with. What I do have a problem with is how to pay for it.

I am still reeling from the recent tax increase to give us reverse osmosis quality water that will mostly go to water our lawns. Our city manager spent our hard-earned money on a lot of pizza, soda and water at the final meeting to tell us we had no say in the issue. Why is the city selling water to gas companies if the argument is that we can’t keep up with the demand, and where is this money going?

The city is already using our tax dollars to subsidize the Rifle Fitness Center by Walmart and the motels. What happened to accountability? If you or I don’t have the money to buy what we want, we don’t buy it.

I think what we need here is the same thing we need in our nation. If an employee is not performing satisfactorily and is constantly doing what they want instead of listening to their boss (government works for us), we need to fire them. I have enough problems with knowing our president takes an entourage of vehicles with him on dates and vacations while the rest of the country worries about how to stretch their dollars.

I say the madness stops here. Let’s step up and hold our leaders accountable or get rid of them if they aren’t.

Jeff Maynard


Senior says no to rec center

Do we, the residents of Rifle, really need a new recreation center? From a senior citizen perspective, no!

The city already subsidizes the fitness center across the river, the skate park for the kids, the swimming pool and would have to subsidize the rec center. I realize the fitness center would no longer be, but I would have to subsidize the rec center with my taxes, along with the parks and recreation department funds.

For several years, the city promised to keep up Memorial Park; that has never happened. They don’t have the funds, the parks and recreation department says.

With the cost of everything rising, food, gas, Medicare, supplemental insurance, where will the extra money come from? Supplemental insurance has gone up 20 percent since January, 60 percent in less than four years. Mandatory drug coverage has gone up 39 percent since January, and more than 100 percent in less than four years. Where am I to cut more out of my budget for frivolous amenities? I can’t afford to go to the fitness center now, but you want me to pay taxes to build something to have the city subsidize it? We just got whacked with a 3/4 cent tax to build a fancy new water system, along with a minimum 20 percent rise in water rates and now you want something so frivolous as a rec center? Heaven help the citizens of Rifle!

Connie Hollenbeck


Taxes and no more taxes

Lets look at the front page of the Citizen Telegram (5/23/13). Property tax better than sales tax for a recreation center. If my mind isn’t completely gone, we have voted the rec center down at least four times.

The articles I see in the paper show the city of Rifle already having the events center approved and finding a designer and a construction company to build it. Is the city just wanting to take over the entire town? What do they now own?

The theater is one of their main projects that they finance, they had a big hand in building the movie plex. They have taken over the lot where Sno-White Linen was. They already have the fitness center on Airport Road. Perhaps we should just let Rifle City Council and the city manager take over all of Rifle.

Who pays the property taxes that are being targeted to build yet another project for Rifle? We, the people who live here. Aren’t our taxes already high enough? Not only on property but at the store when you purchase anything. Rifle’s sales tax alone is 0.815, and Garfield County’s tax is added on to that. At least that is what the authorities have told me.

We, the people, will have to vote this recreation center down again. There is no good way to convince the city of Rifle that we don’t want to pay for it. The problem I see is that we have too many foreigners in here that want to change Rifle to be like the place they came from.

If that place was so perfect, what are you doing here trying to ruin the place we old-timers love? I would love to be in contact with the group (Rifle No More TAXES) to lend my support to their endeavors.

Jan Walker


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