McKibbin’s Scribblin’s: If I didn’t have bad luck… |

McKibbin’s Scribblin’s: If I didn’t have bad luck…

Mike McKibbin
McKibbin’s Scribblin’s
Mike McKibbin
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I’ve never really been someone who believes things like “someone is trying to tell me something” when bad – or good – luck hits. But that may be changing, at least in one small area of my life.

And I’m betting there are many readers out there who will sympathize with me on this.

For the last decade or so, I’ve been one of the millions who has been addicted to fantasy football. There, I said it. I have an addiction. Isn’t that the first step towards getting help?

Over the years, I’ve done fairly well in my online leagues, finishing second a few times. One of those years came when Peyton Manning set a then-NFL record with 49 touchdown passes. Come to think of it, if I could only finish second that year, wasn’t that a message to me? (I do remember Manning sat out the last game, maybe game and a half, though…)

This year, however, was a struggle from the get-go and it doesn’t look promising as our playoffs begin. My computer, which is getting up there in years, locked up during our player draft and I missed at least two picks that the “experts” made for me. Of course, they picked a couple of players I would have picked much further down the line.

So that started things off on the wrong foot. Then, as league manager, I decided to replace a team owner who apparently never got the email that said our league was starting up. His lineup never changed over the first few weeks and he didn’t respond to my email. So I asked a friend to replace him.

That didn’t sit well with another team owner who is apparently friends with the now-former owner. He basically went ballistic on our discussion board and got way too personal in his attacks. So I had to muzzle him and bar him from posting and emailing anyone else in the league.

He never seemed to understand that his friend never signed on when the rest of us did because he never got the first email. Wouldn’t you want to compete against a team that had an active owner? Still makes me grind my teeth…

As the weeks went on, I had several of my top players go down to injuries, like Aaron Rodgers. Without a top franchise quarterback, you’re pretty much sunk. (Others will argue you need a top running back instead, and I’ve started to come around to that line of thinking. The problem is there are only a handful of them and several had the injury bug hit them this year, too.)

Still another message that maybe I need a break from this darn game came when many of my weekly free agent pick ups went south and scored next to nothing for me. Or the ones I cut or benched ended up scoring more than the players I picked up or started.

You can probably figure out how the season went. I’m like four games under .500 as our playoffs start this week. (Before the season began, I set up the rules so everyone in the league makes the playoffs. If only the top four teams qualified, it seemed to punish an owner who tried his best all year but just didn’t win enough games. Hmm, who am I thinking of?)

So I’m thinking the fantasy football powers that be are maybe telling me it’s time to find something else to occupy my time during the football season. And I’m starting to hear that message.

But I have a question: if someone is bad at fantasy football, what are the odds he’s not so good at picking who wins or loses each game? That’s something else pushes at you. Isn’t that just as much luck – good and bad – as anything else?

I just wish I knew what put me on luck’s “naughty” list this season.

Mike McKibbin is the editor of The Citizen Telegram.

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