McKibbin’s Scribblin’s: Looking at my real scribblin’s |

McKibbin’s Scribblin’s: Looking at my real scribblin’s

Mike McKibbin
McKibbin’s Scribblin’s

Another reporter’s notebook is filled up with my chicken scratches, my scribblin’s, if you will.

So I’m wondering how many interesting tidbits of information I can find in it and pass on? Not everything a reporter writes down ends up in a story, for various reasons. Either someone’s quote didn’t fit as well as originally thought, it turned out to have some fact that may have been mistaken, or I might not have had space to fit something in a story. Or there’s not enough time in the day in a one-person newsroom.

So why not take a few moments, page through my scribblin’s and see if anything strikes my fancy?

I’m pretty meticulous in using nearly every line in these 4×8 old school records of who said what when and things like that; I wonder if I’ll be surprised at anything I find? Hmm….

A lot of info about water from an April 2 Rifle City Council workshop … I wrote a story about the demands now and into the future and how it might affect Rifle and its water supply …today’s story about the city’s water rights kind of follows that up … hundreds of thousands of acre feet already spoken for and “we’re not making any new water” is the standout quote I recall from the city’s longtime water expert, Louis Meyer of SGM … Garfield County is projected to grow to 119,900 people by 2030 … We’ll see.

What else is in here? City Council meeting later that night … there’s no limit on the seasonal temporary business permits Mike Davis had to get for his snowcone kiosk you can read about in today’s CT, so maybe we’ll see some more such enterprises … Police Chief John Dyer introduced his new code enforcement officer, Sarah Flores, who used to be a park ranger at Rifle Gap … repairs were finished to the Graham Mesa water plant (remember the failure last winter?)

An April 15 city council workshop (I do spend a lot of time with this group, don’t I?) was kind of interesting …Xcel Energy talked about their operations in Rifle … for example, they had 27 people working in Rifle in 2012 and 6,414 residential and 1,306 business customers in the city …also spent more than $4.9 million with Rifle suppliers in 2012, but that was down from $10 million in 2011 … maybe due to the local economy? … while the number of customers increased in those two years, electrical and natural gas usage decreased … better energy efficiency in things like big screen TVs were cited as part of the reason by Xcel’s West Slope area manager, Fred Eggleston … also building codes and other requirements that increased efficiency … Xcel had fewer rebate applications in 2012 vs. 2011.

At a May 1 City Council meeting, they voted 7-0 to write a letter to the Bureau of Land Management in support of Garfield County’s position regarding the review of those 65 natural gas leases, 25 in the Thompson Divide area and 40 in this neck of the woods … many of those are already developed … council was concerned about potentially having to return already-spent federal mineral lease money if any leases were voided … just like the sales tax rebate the county and special districts had to make … Councilman Dirk Myers voiced concerns that the environmental interests in the Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and Pitkin County areas might hold more weight with the BLM than interests in Western GarCo …

That’s about it. Some interesting tidbits or factoids in this ol’ reporter’s notebook, you think?

Mike McKibbin is the editor of The Citizen Telegram.

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