Meet Your Merchant: The secret to a good stage production

Brett Lark
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Meet Your Merchant

Name of Business: Secret Identity Pictures

Description: Secret Identity Pictures is a nonprofit that provides theater and film education. We teach by experience and offer paid and internship positions.

Owner(s): Secret Identity Pictures is a Non-Profit 501 c3 run by a board of directors. Brett Lark acts as existing president, Amanda Payne as secretary, and Lily Kearns as treasurer.

Address: 3025 Coal Mine Ave., Rifle

Phone Number: (970) 379-5161



Date Business Opened: Oct. 1, 2014

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Editors note: This Meet Your Merchant special originally appeared in the March 28 Post Independent.

How did your business start?

Several acting friends and I got together regularly to hone our acting skills. We were always looking for more opportunities for us to tell stories and inspire audiences, so we decided to create more productions. It began small with a flash mob and then developed into a sit-com, sword fighting clinic, summer theatrical camp for kids, and large scale production in the spring.

What do you sell?

Every spring we put on a large production that goes on tour. This year we are producing “Tarzan the Musical” at the Rifle Ute Theater April 7, 8 and 9 with tour dates set for Aspen and Grand Junction. Next spring of 2017 we will be producing “Mary Poppins.” Additionally we offer very low rates on equipment that we have been able to acquire. S.I.P. rents out professional video and sound equipment as well as stage equipment and costumes. If you want an affordable commercial taken or a flash mob to appear at your next event these are all services that we provide as well.

Why do you like what you do?

Telling stories breeds inspiration in others. Putting yourself and your emotions out on the line gives courage to others as well reminding them that they are fully capable of accomplishing whatever they set out to do. My hope is to instill passion and stir up creativity with any performance I am a part of. It is my service to others. I believe that everyone involved in S.I.P. agrees that they enjoy feeding a hungry audience with heightened emotional experiences and value adding inspiration. Personally projects that I particularly enjoy have a strong moral center that makes this world a better place in which to thrive and prosper.

What strategy do you use to hire good people?

I test their passion for what we do by giving assignments that are not reimbursed right away. Anyone can put on a facade at the mention of money. People may put on a fake front with hopes of being paid extremely well or social status. However when only the love of telling stories is on the line at first we can tell who is truly passionate about acting and who is acting passionate. Once we find the passionate ones after proving themselves, we pour value in them like nobody’s business to make sure they stick and stay. We want to keep the passionate team members. Productions are a team effort as soon as we see they work well with a team to accomplish a common goal we know they are meant for great things.

What is your strategy for growth in the next year?

Next year we plan to expand offering summer kids theater camps in other cities throughout the state. Additionally “Mary Poppins” will go on an expanded tour that broaden across the state. Eventually we will take the spring production on a national tour. Our plan also includes raising funds for a high school facility that is a credited establishment offing artistic education with an emphasis on the performing arts.

What is the best thing about running a business here?

The community is amazing. Businesses are easily willing to invest in the education of our youth, parents love to see their kids grow, and audiences are demanding more entertainment and greater variety of options for the arts. Without our community we could not do what we do. The support has been astronomical. Thank you to all that have been involved.

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