Move over for emergency vehicles — or risk ticket |

Move over for emergency vehicles — or risk ticket

Since 1999, 213 law enforcement officers have been struck while on routine traffic stops or while conducting investigations on America’s roadways. These deaths have been ruled accidental, but could have been easily avoided.

In 2005, the Colorado Legislature passed a law requiring vehicles to move to the left lane when passing a law enforcement vehicle, fire truck, ambulance, tow truck or highway maintenance vehicle when they are parked on the shoulder of a roadway with their flashing lights on.

If the left lane is not available due to traffic, drivers are required to “reduce and maintain a safe speed and proceed with due care and caution.”

Studies have shown that 71 percent of drivers did not know about the law, which is in force in 49 states.

Starting this month, the Colorado State Patrol will begin strict enforcement of Colorado’s Move Over Law. These operations will be conducted in Garfield, Pitkin, Eagle and Summit counties. The penalty for not moving over is a ticket for $169.50, with the same penalties as careless driving.

The Colorado State Patrol asks you to move over for stopped fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, tow trucks and maintenance crews when their lights are flashing. By moving over, drivers are giving highway responders the space they need to get their tasks completed, clear the roadways and prevent accidents.

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