My Foot Hurts! |

My Foot Hurts!

Ian Lopez Jimenez
3rd Grader at Highland Elementary School
Ian Lopez Jimenez, 3rd Grader Highland Elementary.
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“Auchiiii!!!” I screamed when my foot felt like a bulldozer fell on my foot. I could not play soccer, which is my favorite sport. I tried to persevere by kicking a soft ball every day, but my foot would hurt like if I had kicked a rock. The next day I woke up and asked my dad, “Can you massage my foot?” He said, “Yes.” After he massaged my foot I whispered, “Thank you.” The reason that I whispered is because my mom was sleeping so I had to be as quiet as a secret agent. Next, I went outside to try and play soccer. But right when I kicked the ball it burned like if my foot was on fire. I persevered by playing basketball because you play with your hands and not with your feet. The next day I slowly kicked the ball and unexpectedly, it did not hurt. I was better than I used to be at playing soccer!

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