Public invited to art show at veterans home in Rifle |

Public invited to art show at veterans home in Rifle

Ryan Hoffman
W.A. Rump’s painting will be on display during a public art showing from 2-4 p.m. Wednesday at the Colorado Veterans Community Living Center at Rifle.
Ryan Hoffman / Citizen Telegram |

It’s been around two years since W.A. Rump completed one of his distinctive paintings, a fact attributed to a diagnosis of terminal lung cancer. However, the diagnosis does not prevent him from flashing a grin when he is in the presence of the dozens and dozens of pieces collected at the Colorado Veterans Community Living Center at Rifle.

“The inspiration would be just trying to find different forms of expression,” Rump said of his unique style of painting, which involved using just about everything other than a paint brush.

He first started painting by putting paint on shards of glass and pressing them down on a canvass, added Angela Coulter, Rump’s daughter.

The many pieces amassed at the Veterans Community Living Center will be on display for a public showing from 2-4 p.m. Wednesday. It’s not the first time Rump’s work has been the focus of a public showing. He did a show a little while back at the The Artist’s Mercantile & Gallery in Glenwood Springs.

“Everyone of them comes as a surprise, like, ‘Wow, this is kind of cool,’” Rump said, adding that he enjoys watching people form their own interpretation of the pieces.

“That’s what’s so cool about your paintings,” Coulter, who also is an artist, said to her father during a recent conversation. “Everyone see something different.”

Painting was just one artistic outlet that Rump used throughout a lifetime of expression. He has a binder filled with poems, as well as several unpublished novels.

“They’re my legacy,” he said with a chuckle.

Rump, who was featured in a September 2015 story in the Post Independent, had to stop painting and most other artist endeavors several years ago when he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

Although he said he misses painting, he and Coulter have talked at length about the diagnosis over the past several years.

“It is what it is,” Rump said.

“It gave me a different perspective on death,” Coulter said. “It’s not as scary … ”

The Colorado Veterans Community Living Center at Rifle is located at 851 E. Fifth St. The public is encouraged to attend the public showing Wednesday.

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