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Readers Say Thanks

Community helps senior

High Country RSVP would like to thank all those involved in an extensive yard clean-up in Rifle for a senior who is battling cancer. We would like to thank all of those who made it possible; the city of Rifle, in particular, Sara Flores, Rifle Community Service Officer Code Enforcement; City Manager Matt Sturgeon; Assistant City Manager Bobby Odell; and their crew of city workers and inmates from the Rifle Correctional Facility. We could not have accomplished removing hundreds of tons of sheet metal, trash, and recycling in just eight hours without the cooperation from the city of Rifle, the loan of a dump truck and front loader, and RSVP volunteers Stephen Deliyianis, Carl Vogt and Teri Daugherty. It is truly heartwarming to work with individuals and entities that care so much about seniors and are willing to work collaboratively to ease the burdens of others. Cheers to the city of Rifle and our community volunteers. Thank you!

Patty Daniells, program director

High Country RSVP

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