Readers say thanks |

Readers say thanks

Our bowls Are now empty but our hearts are full

As the kick-off for Grand River Meals on Wheels’ March for Meals (and not to mention their 40th anniversary), the second-annual Empty Bowls was an amazing collaboration/success and a time for some of our students to shine.

Thank you to all the Colorado Mountain College Rifle Campus ceramics students: Debera Stewart, Diana Vagneur, Diane Geist, Peggy Swank, Lindsay Davidson, Lou Roess, Allie Magee, Deb Nicholson, Judy Burke, Sandy Constine, Rebecca Corona, Val Cox, Marilyn Cozza, Gen Edwards, Julie Gavito, Dorothy Hutchison, Debbie Novak, and their fearless leader, Michelle McCurdy, for providing more than 500 beautiful bowls.

And to Sarah Naef and her crew of chefs: Patrick Aulick, Mike Meador, Glendy Martinez, and students Tanner Strong, Melissa Rodriguez, Kyleah Ross, Chelsea Gosnell, Kate Lee Ross, Dan Schouten, Maribel Nevarez, Jake Larsen.

These Rifle and Coal Ridge high school students are in CMC’s concurrent enrollment culinary arts program and their culinary creations were outstanding and rivaled the best cook-off reality shows.

The event also was a time to stop and reflect on those whose bowls often remain empty. Special thanks to Midland Art Company in Rifle for the many silent auction items. I am grateful to live in a community that cares and supports its homebound seniors!

Kaaren Peck

Director of Volunteer Services at Grand River Health

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